Catch the entire description and drama with pictures of kidnapping in Kumkum Bhagya , which has being going on from a month now..

Kumkum Bhagya was once a very interesting serial. Funny and cute, it was a stress buster for almost everyone in the family. People watched the serial for various reasons, mostly to enjoy the prime slot without any saas-bahu drama.

kumkum bhagya pragya abhi The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

But, one fine day Aalia, the antagonist decided to kidnap Babul, the second main lead. The reason? She wanted her Purab who is truly, madly and deeply in love with Bulbul.

Neel plans to Kidnap Bulbul kumkum bhagya The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

In this shubh kaam, her partner in crime besides her puppet Tanu and Mitali Bhabhi was the corporator Neel Thakur who is in love with Bulbul. Yes, everybody loves Bulbul in the serial – from the chashmish and irritating Suresh to the rowdy and boisterous corporator.

Together they planned to kidnap Bulbul on her engagement day with Purab. But, instead of Bulbul, the duo Aaliya and corporator kidnapped Pragya – Bulbul’s elder sister and the main protagonist. This was the start of the Great kidnapping drama of this great serial by Ekta Kapoor.

pragya kidnapped kumkum bhagya The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

However, it’s been a month and the drama is going on and on. Yes, Pragya is still not rescued, and with Pragya her, her rockstar husband Abhi too is under the arrest of the corporator.

Now, you may wonder how come the kidnappers kidnapped the rockstar?

Well, the rockstar initially came to rescue Pragya when she had somehow managed to inform him about her whereabouts. However, just as the script writer wanted, Abhi couldn’t rescue Pragya even though he tried his best.

Kumkum Bhagya Episode The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

Next, the corporator called Bulbul and asked her to come to meet him, if she wanted to rescue Pragya. However, instead of Bulbul, Abhi went to get hold of the corporator.

kumkum bhagya kidnapping drama The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

He not only got a hold over the corporators, but even Pragya, his wife. But, but, but instead of releasing Pragya from the kidnapper’s den, he too became the kidnapper’s target. Yes, the great drama further dragged in this direction…

kumkum bhagya abhi kidnapped The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

To our surprise (well, actually, not), Purab and the entire police force couldn’t trace the kidnappers even when they were just a metre away from each other. Yes, it then dragged further this way…

Ultimately, the corporator decides to kill the couple by setting ablaze the godown in which they were tied. However, our rockstar acquired a bike in the godown and like a hero, he got out from the clutches of the kidnappers.

kumkum bhagya abhi pragya escapes fire bike The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

We thought this was the end of the kidnapping drama. But, no…the great chase continued for two days where the kidnappers and the couple continued to play hide and seek.

abhigya kumkum bhagya The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

Somehow, Abhi and Pragya got a dhabha to stay. The rockstar even called up his daadi to announce the fcat that both him and his bahu is perfectly fine and safe. Next, we thought, chalo finally, the kidnapping drama has come to an end…..But, no we were wrong again…..

Next day, it was the day of Holi – everybody played Holi including Abhi, Pragya and their families. How can I forget Bulbul, Purab, Aaliya, Tannu, Mitali Bhabhi.

kumkum bhagya holi drama The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

Almost everybody had their portions of Bhaang, and as you guessed even Pragya and Abhi.

The result? Well, back to square one, the kidnappers kidnap them again…And the drama continues, only to torture us further more…This time in a building where Abhi and Pragya are hanged in a huge building at gun point…

kumkum bhgya neel kidnapping incident The Great Kidnapping Drama of Kumkum Bhagya

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