A few kids with their teachers changed the definition of charity with their new year party.

A few kids with their teachers changed the definition of charity with their new year party.

How do you begin your new year? Party, eat-out, movie or may be a trip. And especially what if you are kid, how do you celebrate?

Last sunday, we tried to change how we celebrate our new year, and also changing the definition of charity. It started with simple thought of spreading joy and happiness.

And it soon took the shape of an event and got the name SAPNEY : CELEBRATIONS OF OUR SHARED DREAMS. People, organisations, groups joined the bandwagon, and the dreams realized.

When we finally did it on 3rd January in a school with a big heart in Ghaziabad, we proudly hosted 60+ kids from very weak socio-economic backgrounds and ones with physical and mental disabilities. Over 5 NGOs/ Groups participated, over 120 people attended.

charitable companies Few Kids With Their Teachers Changed The Definition Of Charity

Mind you, this wasn’t a charity event, it wasn’t meant to be. It was a community event breaking the trend of excluding underprivilleaged people from the mainstream community. We rather based it on gift culutre, asking people to share their gifts with the community, which included skills, art, ideas, clothes, snacks or just anything which you feel can help others.

We were able to collect over 200 cloth pieces and over 500 snack packets for the kids. Over five sessions ranging from origami to theater were hosted by wonderful people, all free of cost.

Not a single penny was charged from anybody nor was given to anybody. Not one printed banner was used, not one balloon was inflated. Rather we decorated the venue for the kids with kites having beautiful messages on “Dekh Dost” themes, and even those kites were gifted to the kids at the end of the program.

ABES college team presented a beautiful satirical play for the kids. Though they did not get the most of it, but sitting in the auditorium for the first time and knowing what a play really is, was pleasuring for the kids. Volunteers hosted community dances and cooperative games where nobody lost. People came out to give over six musical performances for the kids.

charity Few Kids With Their Teachers Changed The Definition Of Charity

Our simply intention of making it fun for the kids and spreading joy made our little guests so comfortable to request dancing on Bollywood

It never felt as if anyone of us was at a charity event at all. We all danced, sang, watched, ate as a community. The event hardly costed us anything, it was funded by happiness and love.

We did not do something very great, we know. But this was just small gesture of how our celebrations can also be ways of spreading happiness.

All this was done by kids of 12-16 years and a few of their beautiful teachers. And yes, this is just the beginning, we will take it much further, we promise. We welcome your support.
Keep Helping. Keep Smiling.

By Akshat Tyagi

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