Undoubtedly, English assists us to connect with the countries worldwide and is of importance. But does that imply ignorance towards your mother tongue?

There’s no language in India that bears the status of National Language, however more than half the population, out of their inherent inclination towards Hindi, misconstrue Hindi as their National Language. Worse, some are irrationally argumentative about it instead of getting their facts straight. Interestingly, English isn’t, either. Without getting into the loop of lingual conflict of ‘which language is a National Language and which isn’t’, let’s sketch the changing picture of current generation pertaining to our society’s paradigm of the ‘ideal’ language.

Language is one of the blocks of Indian culture and is of paramount importance in the life of every individual belonging to this country. What we speak and how we speak do not only reflect our personality, but also the culture we have been raised in.

LearnEnglish Are The Kids Today Only Supposed To Converse In English?

Commonly observed vista of a kid speaking impeccable and mellifluous English does take me, standing as a by-stander, by an astounding surprise. Yes, it does please me to see our succeeding generation having terrific command on this language, that is, English, used world over. However, I find myself equally upset at their feeble grip on their respective regional languages or ‘Hindi’, which is another widely used langauge in India.

I am in no denial about the fact there’s a dire need for English language to flourish India over as it is the only language that help us bond with the countries worldwide. Commonality of English between India and other countries does necessitate the need to put ‘English on high pedestal, however it definitely doesn’t entail the composting of ‘Hindi’ and other 22 officially recognized languages of India.

language is culture Are The Kids Today Only Supposed To Converse In English?

Children learn what we feed their budding minds with, and  parents today emphasize more on the utility of English; in some cases, in fact, children are sternly forbidden to speak in any other language except English, and in worst cases, they are also robbed of their freedom to watch cartoons and movies in other languages. Is it a fair parenting? This not only makes the kids feel suffocated but also disconnects them afar from their culture, their very own culture.

Dear parents, do shape their English, but in turn, do not up-root their mind from their root language. Do dwell on the importance of English but also reinforce their acquaintance with ‘Hindi’ or whatever their mother tongue may be.

By Prerna Daga

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