Mohmmad Akhlaq of Dadri was lynched for storing beef covertly. Isn’t it an injustice to a human just because he was a muslim?

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It is by now stale news.
In Dadri, on the edge of the National Capital Region, 50-year old Mohammed Akhlaq was lynched by a mobon Monday night because it was rumored that his family had been eating beef. His 20-year old son, Danish, is critically injured. Reports quote the police and the district magistrate as saying that a mob gathered after 10 pm following an announcement made at a temple. They broke down the door to the Akhlaqs’ home and battered the father and son with bricks. The police has sent meat from the Akhlaqs’ refrigerator to a forensic laboratory for testing.”

mob kills man in dadri beef newsx Is It Justified To Kill A Human Being? [Part 1]

Did the family break any law? The UPCPA (please don’t confuse it with UPSC) Uttar Pradesh Cow Protection Act does not consider the possession of meat of any type as an offence. The beef, even if was ever there, is not a violation of any law. Granted, if one is cornered, it was beef, how could it justify the mob attack on them and the murder of Mohammad Akhlaq?

akhlaq killed Is It Justified To Kill A Human Being? [Part 1]

What provisions of law empowered the Mulayam’s / Azam Khan’s Police to enter the home and search the contents of refrigerator for police evidence? Was it not for Mob appeasement and majority appeasement?

In the 2002 in Jhajjar, in a similar incidence at Haryana, five Dalits, namely Virender, Dayanand, Raju, Tota and Kailash were lynched. Kailash, the youngest was 17. Three of them were the regular dealers of animal hides. The other two were the driver and cleaner of the tempo they had hired to carry a cow carcass they had bought. The easy going mob declared them ‘cow killers’. They were dragged out of a police station at Dulina and were lynched in the presence of policemen and district officials. The police sent the cow for an autopsy. The autopsy found the cow was dead when it was bought in.

After eight years seven men were convicted for the five murders. One of the seven was a Jhajjar MLC, another was the head of the Jhajjar Gaushala. They were associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Shiv Sena and the Indian National Lok Dal in different phases of their lives.

After fourteen years, we have found the Dadri police in a similar mode of sending the meat from the Akhlaqs’ refrigerator to the forensic laboratory.

And it doesn’t end here.

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