Check out everything you wanted to know about King Porus who fought bravely against Alexander the Great!

The story of King Porus and Alexander, the Great is quite famous. The Greek history mentions not just the bravery of Alexander but also that of Porus. Here we share everything about one of the greatest kings of India that you wanted to know:

kibg porous All About King Porus   Know the Facts & Real Story!

The Background

King Poros or King Porus was a king of the Pauravas. His territory stretched between the Jhelum (Hydaspes) and Chenab (Asesinas) rivers. The origin of the Pauravas is quite ancient and dates back to the pre Mahabharata era.

The kings who descended from Chandra were called Chandravanshi. Yayati was one such Chandravanshi king. Two of his sons were called – Puru and Yadu. While, Pauravas were descendants of Puru, the Yadus or Yadavas were the descendants of Yadu.

king porus history All About King Porus   Know the Facts & Real Story!

So, King Poros was a Chandravanshi king and a descendant of Yayati through his son Puru. Being a Chandravanshi, his valor, courage and strength was incomparable. After all, it was Pauravas who could even defeat the Persian kings Darius and Xerxes. Cyrus the Great died in a battle with Indian soldiers.

The historian, Ishwari Prasad, however, notes that Porus might have been a Yaduvanshi Shoorsaini as a section of Shoorsaini migrated from Mathura and Dwaraka to the Punjab area and modern Afghanistan after Krishna’s demise.

The Battle of the Jhelum Fought by King Porus and Alexander, the Great

The Battle of the Hydaspes i.e. Jhelum was fought against Poros by Alexander the Great in 326 BC. The battle was fought against the bank of the river Jhelum. According to the Greek Texts, the battle was won by the Macedonians.

king porus alexander All About King Porus   Know the Facts & Real Story!

Further, Alexander was so greatly impressed by the bravery of Porus that he not only reinstated him as a satrap of his own kingdom, but also granted him dominance over areas to the south-east till the river Beas i.e. Hyphasis. He also gave him the territory of King Ambhi of Takshashila who fought alongside Alexander’s Army.

However, according to many historians, this incident is counterintuitive. Well, because the king of Takshashila had become Alexander’s ally only on one condition that he would him the entire kingdom of Porus. So why would Alexander reward the enemy?

This is the reason why many observers as well as  historians around the world believe that the Macedonians post the battle with Poros realized that they were dealing with people of extraordinary valour. They realized they could be defeated and so they called for a truce, which King Porus accepted. In his bargain, The Paurava king then struck a bargain with Alexander and got Ambhi’s territories in return as it would secure his frontiers and then Poros would escort the Macedonian army and help them in leaving India safely.

The Death

According to the Greek texts, one of Alexander’s generals, Eudemus, assassinated King Porus sometime between 321 and 315 BC. Now that there is no record in the Indian history, this is assumed as a reality.

king porus history All About King Porus   Know the Facts & Real Story!

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