Here we tell you why Kiran Bedi of BJP is a better choice for the CM position in Delhi than the Aam Aadmi Party’s leader Arvind Kejriwal –

1.       Whose Opportunism Is It By The Way

Arvind Kejriwal, when you packed your bags for your too ambitious jaunt to the ghats of Varanasi kissing goodbye to the dumbstruck Delhites, didn’t you stretch your sham of idealism a little too far making your opportunism all the more obvious in the process? Were you not there in Varanasi with an idea to fill the vacuum created by Congress by projecting yourself as a credible opponent to Modi juggernaut?

KEJRIWAL KIRAN BEDI 7 Reasons Why Kiran Bedi Is a Better Choice for Delhi CM’s Post than Arvind Kejriwal

If only your strategy makers had foresight then they would have suggested you to make some ‘lesser idealist’ (you being an epitome of idealism) from your party as Delhi’s CM at that time thus keeping you virgin to take Narendra Modi on. By doing that you would not have needed to make Delhi a sacrificial goat at the last moment to fulfill your ambition at the national level and would have managed to keep your opportunism inconspicuous while coming across as a valiant challenger to Modi at the same time, which, I guess was the original plan. In that case even if your plan would have boomeranged, which it eventually did in any case, you would have had the lap of Mother Delhi to fall back upon.

Your people showed unprecedented hurry to cut you from her umbilical cord which was a disastrous strategy. But does opportunism not going the way one would have liked makes it lesser by any means? What I mean to suggest is that people have nothing against your opportunism, just the way they have nothing against Bedi’s. They just want you to go to office and work. Of course with honesty, integrity and less of sloganeering on idealism.

2.       Who can Deliver Better

 No, no, it’s not the kind of delivery only women can make. Here, we are talking in context of governance which Arvind, being a man, is equally capable of delivering. Who amongst the two would be a better choice then? Let’s try to establish from a hypothetical situation.

AAP DHARNA 7 Reasons Why Kiran Bedi Is a Better Choice for Delhi CM’s Post than Arvind Kejriwal

Imagine two staff members of a Pizza delivery company who always stand out and win accolades for delivering in time. The company, in its quest to award the best member, observes that while both the employees are equally good and hardworking, one goes around its job doggedly without making too much noise, the other is always carping about the problems: traffic jams, vehicle in not good working condition, preparation staff taking too much time, rude customers et el. The company realizes that the complaints of the employee were not unfounded but it still selects the one that works and doesn’t carp.

World is not an ideal place, the company reasons, and it would never be one. We have to work around the problems and achieve success. So, let’s award the one who helps in keeping the ‘decibels’ down.

3.       Whose Corruption Stinks

Does AAP’s tirade against BJP’s corruption hold water? Let’s again try to establish by a hypothetical situation where a hundred billion rupee multinational company and a million rupee local entity are charged with corruption of one billion rupee and ten thousand rupee respectively. Both of them, as you can discern, are guilty of corruption of one percent of their net worth.

Team Anna members 7 Reasons Why Kiran Bedi Is a Better Choice for Delhi CM’s Post than Arvind Kejriwal

Now, would it be fair to call a hundred billion rupee company to be far greater corrupt just because her amount sounds scandalous compared to the modest amount of local entity. AAP is guilty of such preposterous comparison when they shout from the roof top about their ‘holier than thou’ credentials. (If they have their way they can led the world believe that they in fact are even ‘holier than cow’). They don’t want to take into account the fact that they are the minnows, the fledglings, who have to go a strenuous long way before they can boastfully claim such nobility.

Arvind Kejriwal swears by his uprighteousness. His fellow men describe him as honest to the core, or for that matter, honest to the ‘gore’, keeping in mind the way he seems to bay for the blood of the supposed corrupts. There is not much to doubt his honesty though, but the same holds true for Bedi on one to one whose honesty is undoubted in spite of the fact that no one is shouting so from the roof top. So, again, Bedi holds an edge if we would, in our best interest, strive to keep the ‘decibels’ down.

4.       Dress Redress

Let’s face it, Arvind Kejriwal loves his muffler. And the pains he takes to wrap it in a pedestrian way, one would be hard pressed to believe he loves it to the ‘chore’. So much that he takes it into his head and on his chin, literally and idiomatically, and then goes round and round till the last straw of his muffler doesn’t get appropriated.

MUFFLER ARVIND KEJRIWAL 7 Reasons Why Kiran Bedi Is a Better Choice for Delhi CM’s Post than Arvind Kejriwal

It’s true that the cold wave during winters in north India can be ruthless but there are certainly more seemly ways to cheat the icy winds than to push a trifle muffler to its extreme. His shirts during summers are two notches bigger than his size, again to give him the ‘air’ of a common man. Now, we don’t expect our politicians to dress suavely like some ramp model but using your imagination to dress in a dull unimaginative way is too much stereotyping of common man that at best can be avoided.

5.       Ladies First

 In a scenario where two persons of opposite sexes, other aspects remaining constant, are vying for the same place its believed to be politically correct to announce: ‘ladies first’. So when it’s difficult to pick one on the scale of credibility – both were crusaders of India Against Corruption, had no political background, have clean image, and are equally opportunist somewhat – then why not begin on ‘ladies first’ note. Arvind had in any case had a terrible shot at the post that is best forgotten, and given a fresh start he himself is to be blamed to push voters for the lure of ‘ladies first’ political correctness.

Kiran Bedi IAC 7 Reasons Why Kiran Bedi Is a Better Choice for Delhi CM’s Post than Arvind Kejriwal

6.       Whose Friends are its Worst Nightmares

When you have Shanti Bhushan as your patriarch then half the battle is already lost. Likes of Ashutosh, Ashish Khaitan; the ‘motormouths’, would only add salt to the wounds. Every time they open their mouths on primetime they make sure Arvind’s prospects get a little more diminished. And to top them all, Arvind Kejriwal himself at times acts as his own worst enemy. The way he handled Somnath Bharti’s fiasco during his short tenure as CM is not easy to forget.  ‘I am an anarchist’ declaration is a case study for self destruction.   

kejriwal delhi anarchist 7 Reasons Why Kiran Bedi Is a Better Choice for Delhi CM’s Post than Arvind Kejriwal

7.       The A Team – B Team Confusion

Ever since AAP came onboard there has been lot of mudslinging in the name of A team – B team among the three parties (Reminder: even Congress is fighting elections in Delhi). During the last elections when no one took AAP as a serious contender Congress shouted that it was BJP’s B team while BJP alleged it was actually Congress’s.

BJP Delhi Campaign 7 Reasons Why Kiran Bedi Is a Better Choice for Delhi CM’s Post than Arvind Kejriwal

When AAP did fairly in the elections and Congress offered to support it to form government, BJP went into a correction mode trying to convince everyone that it was rather Congress which was AAP’s B team. This time again there are allegations and counter allegations about who is whose B team. But in the confusion galore, BJP was not alleged for once to be any party’s B team. Even in accusations it has always been referred as an A team. So, why not choose a party whose credentials as an A team are secured, to say the least.

By: Atul Kapoor

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