Read here to know the various reasons Kiran Bedi has come up with to dodge the responsibility of the Delhi Debacle

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Kiran Bedi might be disappointed for many reasons, she was offered the golden platter as the chief ministerial candidate of a party that was enjoying a victorious tide of the time, her acceptance by the party members within no time from her jump from AAP and also she was given the ticket from the party’s strongest constituency which stood by BJP for the past 15 years, not succumbing even to the luring forces of Congress Raj.

Till the result was announced Kiran Bedi seemed so optimistic and jubilant, she was seen giving lots of picturesque poses with the masses around, however soon after the results were announced her personality had a 1800 change, her hostile remarks and reasons seem unrealistic and not politically acceptable. Read more to know the various reasons Kiran Bedi has come up with to dodge the responsibility of the Delhi Debacle.

Sound of love 

“What’s the greatest expression of love?” Nandini asked Akshay.His answer was quick and also questioning.“A gesture that showcases your own individuality and zaniness? An intensely private moment between two people in love shared with a musician? A marriage proposal in the shape of a flash mob!” Clearly he didn’t think much of any of these. Neither did Nandini it seemed, from the way she grimaced at each suggestion.

A beautifully written love story,it makes for a perfect read with the valentine’s Day fast approaching.Read the whole story by clicking on the link on own community.


“You live in a dream world – a haze of poetry and fuzzy ideas about revolution. To build something is not the same thing as dreaming of it: building is always a matter of well-chosen compromises.” Your dreams guide your actions and endeavours. So will you go for the heights of idealism neglecting stark realities or will you compromise and achieve the optimum? Read this interesting post on Dreams.

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