Kiran Bedi has yet of slough off her past. Her old tweets against BJP and’ Narendra Modi are very much on the record and would haunt her in time to come

Days after joining BJP, Kiran Bedi yesterday said that in Prime Minister Narendra Modi the party has with it the “world’s most beautiful face” as she rebutted AAP’s claim that she was brought in by the saffron outfit because it does not have a face of its own in Delhi.

Kiran bedi Amit Shah PTI big story 6501 After Bashing, Kiran Bedi Heaps Praise On Narendra Modi   What Next?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We have no argument with the ocular smart faculties of Kiran Bedi. However, we know that our Prime Minister is lucky and blessed with a doting mother who loves him and fortunately cares to show her affections before and behind the camera also.

As this praise comes from a senior, decorated, controversial, retired lady police officer, I was inspired to go deep into these pearls of wisdom – “world’s most beautiful face.” The first word is ‘world’s’ and it means ‘Duniya ka’ and immediately I was transported to my childhood favorite movie “Mother India” and the melodious lilt – “Duniya me jab ayen hain to jeena he padega…”

This world is beautiful if all is well in and around your life. The life is ugly if at a ripe age, even before twilight, you are unsure about your location in the scheme of life. Life lived like a rolling stone hardly makes a pleasant memory or pleasing observation. I don’t know how the life is going to treat Kiran in this slippery world of Indian politics. Duniya changes very fast for Duniya Walas.

The second word of the string is MOST and here is a description of this word. It is used for degree of quality and aptitude, measure, number, quantity and achievements. It can be used as noun, adjective and adverb. Beauty is an abstract noun.

There was a time, and I think it is still true even today, when a beautiful portrait of smiling Mrs. Indira Gandhi would reassure the countrymen that we were in safer and wiser hands. Indians used to call her Indira Priyadarshni. But she also had shown the feet of clay when the crowd of claques grew thicker around her.

indira gandhi After Bashing, Kiran Bedi Heaps Praise On Narendra Modi   What Next?

The place at the top is very lonely. It becomes difficult to distinguish between a genuine well wisher, an advisor and a glib sycophant. I can still vividly recall the toady bootlicker of yester year, unparalleled and shameless extremes of someone in Congress President, D.K. Borooah, who gave the world the inane slogan “Indira is India and India is Indira” and notoriously declared that “India can do without an Opposition; the Opposition is irrelevant to the history of India”.

The same ineffable Borooah turned his coat in 1977 and bleated his claims to be an Indira-hating democrat. The list of these egregious and unprincipled sycophants is unending and a few names are added in different set-ups at different times.

Narendra Modi has yet to perform and prove as a successful Prime Minister. Dreams and mirages are different from fulfillment. There is still a slip between the lips and cup. Kiran Bedi has yet of slough off her past as the shadows of misjudgments following her. Her old tweets against BJP and NaMo are very much on the record and would haunt her in time to come. Anna Hazare, the real mentor of her career has disapproved her.

There are leaders in Delhi BJP who have yet to reconcile to the new reality of their urban banishment (Aghyatwas) and giving up the chances of CM chair of Delhi  for a time beyond comprehension.

Praise has its limits. To rush the fences faster exposes one to many a thorny bush.

“Every flatterer lives at the expense of him / her who listens to him / her.”Jean de La Fontaine

By: Naim Naqvi

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