On April 8, we finally saw a hugging & a kissing scene between Jodha Akbar. But, what if i say it was only a dream sequence? Read the spoiler alert here

Over the past few weeks there was quite a buzz everywhere that soon Jodha Akbar will kiss for the very first time and yesterday that is April 8 will finally saw the couple hugging and kissing away each other’s tears for the very first time. Now, what if I tell you the entire sequence was a dream? Oh, not again – Is that your feeling now?

Well, even I was pleased to see the two ever fighting couple embracing each other by leaving their differences aside. However, as per the published news in TOI, it seems that the scene was just a dream which Akbar sees while he rushes back to the palace after the whole Sujamal drama.

jodha akbar Spoiler Alert: The Kissing Scene in Jodha Akbar was a Dream!

Going by the spoiler alert, Akbar after reaching will find no traces of Jodha Bai in the palace. Remember, he had made her very clear to move out of the palace before sunrise, didn’t he? So, when Akbar doesn’t find Jodha in the harem, he concludes she has left for Amer and he therefore immediately rushes to Amer. However, the twist in the tale is that – there will be no Jodha in Amer. Yes, Jodha goes missing that means starting from today expect lot of drama in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar

Meanwhile, Akbar in the serial once again will be seen repenting for his mistake of blaming Jodha for no fault of hers. This means we will yet again see Akbar in frustration and taking the entire palace on his head by commanding Atgah Khan time and again. After all, Rajat Tokas is excellent when it comes to high voltage drama with lots of yelling, shrieks along with an expression of pain at the same time. Not many can do that no wonder how big actors they might be.

Besides, now that Jodha is gone missing from the palace and is also not there is Amer, where do you think she has gone? My gut feeling says that she has gone to Shaikh Chisti’s dargah in Ajmer – What do you speculate?

By: Deepti Verma

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