A review of the second episode of Koffee with Karan which saw cousins and Bollywood superstars Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor in conversation with the host, KJo. After a sizzling episode with Salman Khan, this episode failed on many different levels.

How does it feel to score a duck after a century on debut? Well, ask KJo. The second episode that featured Kareena Kapoor Khan (last word from the epiglottis, if you will) and Ranbir Kapoor on Koffee with Karan entirely fizzled out, especially in comparison to Salman Khan’s interview. Ranbir’s coyness and high moral ground took away even the little steam that his cousin was able to generate, courtesy her snobbishness and stupidity.

Loudmouth Kareena

Kareena, from the word go, was like a house on fire; the only tragedy was that we have seen that charred house many a times. She provided the fireworks but they were so characteristically her that it failed to surprise us. “Talent survives”, she said of the previous contemporaries like Rani and Preity, conveniently forgetting her last few outings that have failed to click at the box office. That’s Kareena for you- gorgeous, arrogant and dimwit.

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Dressed in a pink gown, she allowed Karan to “check out every bit of her body”. She clearly expressed how the director had, on many occasions, influenced her decisions regarding signing films and how she got all the spicy information from him as she has no friends in the industry. It was commendable on her part to have left the host on a sticky wicket. She also looked down upon the ‘clutch’ that KJo’s hamper had inside.

koffee with karan kareena ranbir Koffee with Karan, Second Episode: Oh KJo! What a flop show

One can only imagine the situation when Saif’s impeccable English clashes with the flawed one of Kareena.  She is literally not aware of the word ‘self-policing’ and gets ‘papered’ by the paparazzi; yet makes faces when Ranbir calls her ‘behena’.

…and Careful Ranbir

But her best digs were targeted towards her brother who was not in a mood to talk much, let alone talking about his relationships. Kareena did not think twice before picking up Katrina Kaif, her future sister-in-law in answer to KJo’s most ridiculous yet famous question of ‘being gay on gun point’. Ranbir who did not to spill any beans, saw the coffee getting to his sister who kept blurting out secrets.

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Though Ranbir said that his father is yet to come to terms with the fact that his son can have a girlfriend and his mother has been always very cool with his choices, he was unwilling to say anything surprising about his current relationship. Right from the topics like ‘being friends with ex, Deepika’, ‘respecting Salman sir’ and ‘not being an unfaithful dog’, Ranbir has learnt lessons from his past mistakes and thus kept his tone, tenor and content censored.

Then there were jokes cracked on the lines of incest without the two cousins getting awkwardly embarrassed but leaving the viewers with a gaping mouth. Neither the questions asked in the rapid fire round had any ability to extract information that we already didn’t know, nor the guests obliged us with any “tongue in cheek’ retorts.” The show ended with ‘Who knows the Kapoors well’ round which was another dud. It was meant to played amongst the young Kapoors on one lazy Sunday afternoon and not on a prime-time chat show.

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All in all, the second episode makes us desperately look forward to Aamir Khan, who is making his debut in the show this Sunday. Till then keep dancing to the “only super-hit tracks of Katrina Kaif”.

By Niharika

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