Koffee with Mahesh Bhatt & Emraan Hashmi – Episode 9 Season 4 was interesting because of how candid and forthright both guests were; refusing to be diplomatic as most of Bollywood usually is.

Episode 9, Season 4 of Koffee with Karan (runs – Sunday, 9 pm on Star World) last night featured maverick filmmaker and Bollywood’s original wild child Mahesh Bhatt as well as Bollywood’s very own “Serial Kisser” (the term kept coming up repeatedly through the show) Emraan Hashmi. It was an episode that was interesting for the remarkable candour and unashamed forthrightness displayed by both guests.

In Bollywood, where diplomacy and gentle stonewalling have been elevated to a fine art, such breathtaking bluntness is refreshing indeed. The fact that for both guests this was the first time on the show, that Emraan Hashmi is the nephew of Mahesh Bhatt and the fact that they have both worked on so many projects together, added to the interest quotient.

Koffee with Karan – Mahesh Bhatt & Emraan Hashmi – Highlights

  • Emraan Hashmi has watched a couple of episodes of the show Koffee with Karan, but only as homework before coming on the show. He watches practically no Hindi movies
  • There was no burning ambition to be successful in Hindi films – he spoke of his success as being almost incidental
  • When asked how he manages to make kissing look so good in an industry where kisses are a subject of much discussion, he said that practice makes perfect
  • And how does he deal with his wife when she gets upset with all the smooching on screen? Well he takes her shopping!
  • Emraan was terrible at his very first photo-shoot. According to his own grandmother, he looked like a whipped dog. At the preview of his movie, it was his grandmother who was clucking in disapproval throughout
  • If Hashmi doesn’t kiss in any film, people ask him if he is ‘beemaar’
  • When Mahesh Bhatt started out on his film career, he was dropping acid, shopping at the spiritual supermarket, and having an extra marital affair among other things
  • According to Alia Bhatt who did spoke on the show about both the guests, her father Mahesh Bhatt is obsessed with himself
  • According to Mahesh Bhatt, calling his family dysfunctional is an understatement
  • Mahesh Bhatt thinks that Emraan Hashmi is a miser, whereas Hashmi called Bhatt an extortionist. Mahesh Bhatt defended himself saying that he crafted Hashmi’s persona; that he should be entitled to some ‘kickbacks’
  • Emraah Hashmi has to give his uncle some gift each time that their movie is successful – either in cash or in kind; some latest gadget – Mahesh Bhatt now has about 40 tablets. The gift has to be presented by Hashmi going down on his knees before his mentor while pictures are taken as proofkwk mahesh bhatt and emraan hashmi 300x168 Koffee with Mahesh Bhatt & Emraan Hashmi – KWK Highlights Episode 9

    Highlights of Mahesh Bhatt’s Rapid Fire Round

  • One thing that he’s like to change about the film industry is this pathetic lust for the Oscars
  • There is no reality in reality shows, but the casting couch is a reality
  • Article 377 (sic – clearly they meant Section 377)  needs to be junked
  • The most overrated film was Barfi!
  • The most overrated director is Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • The most overrated actor is Kajol

    Highlights of Emraan Hashmi’s Rapid Fire Round

  • The idea that changed his life was Mahesh Bhatt’s idea for him to kiss on screen
  • He’s like to steal the wives of Abhiskek Bachchan as well as Saif Ali Khan
  • His worst onscreen kiss was with Malika Sherawat
  • He could have done Barfi better
  • According to Bhatt, Hashmi is ‘vicious’ in his answers
  • His advice to Shraddha Kapoor is ‘Eat’
  • Imran is overrated
  • Aishwarya is plastic

According to Karan Johar this was the best Rapid Fire Round on all 4 seasons of his show. The hamper was ultimately won by Emraan Hashmi whereas the Trivia Round was won by Mahesh Bhatt.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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Video courtesy the Star World India Official YouTube Channel

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