A review of Koffee with Karan’s latest episode which saw the perfectionist superstar Aamir Khan and his quirky intelligent wife Kiran Rao on the couch. For all those who thought this would be a dab, serious conversation are sure in for a pleasant surprise!

The latest episode of Koffee with Karan saw guest Aamir Khan- the name itself conjures respect and wife Kiran Rao. The name that the host Karan rightly said is a ‘game changer’- a man who stood against conventions, made choices that baffled contemporaries and exuded principles that paved new paths.  No, Karan did not say all that in the introduction but what was said and what was left unsaid actually made the third episode of Koffee with Karan a well balanced affair. After all, Aamir may not think Karan as ‘frivolous’, but the brilliant actor and his wife added the right ingredients of intelligence and playfulness in the episode.

Aamir Khan: Unveiling the Mystery

Two things are becoming a regular affair in the chat show. Firstly, the tables have turned against Karan as every guest who comes, loves to take a dig at the host and secondly, the show seems incomplete without the mention of Ranbir Kapoor.  So, Aamir being the person who has ‘scarred half of Bollywood’ with his honesty had no qualms in telling Karan that he initially did not know  the director and whatever little he knew he did not like about him. He simply said that he likes him now because the latter is a changed person and he would also dance at his wedding given that he is not paid for it. “Yaar, I am not for sale,” he said quite nonchalantly.
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Born in the same year in 1965, while Aamir loves and respect SRK’s work and his individual space that does not require him, the perfectionist talked about great friendship he shares with Salman; he thinks of him as a ‘raw star power’. He had found  Sallu bhai to be inconsiderate and rude during the Andaz Apna Apna. “He came into my life when I was on a low,” said Aamir who even tried to calm down things between SRK and Salman.

Kiran Rao: A Pleasure to Watch

The woman Aamir is now married to is not just an incredible mind in the industry but also has a persona of her own. Kiran Rao may have feared losing herself in big bad world of Bollywood but one could see on the show that she is someone who has quickly learnt the tricks of the trade. Being the wife of not just  a party pooper but a ‘party destroyer’, she has gracefully learnt the way of attending Bollywood parties where after two drinks, it hardly matters who’s who.

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But what is so alluring to see is the kind of cinematic sensibilities that the couple has. The mainstream media would happy highlight that Aamir gave himself a ‘5 on 10 in bed’ and that Kiran thought he deserved more; somebody wanted to sleep with Aamir who he refused but admired her direct approach. In the same show they also talked about not running blindly behind money but to be focused on the doing varied work. The quiz round on films was also very engaging compared to the ‘who knows the Kapoors well’ and it was so adorable to see Aamir not being acquainted with modern day abbreviations. Then there was fair share of pranks and jokes straight out of Aamir Khan School of No- Nonsense Humor that kept us hooked.

By Niharika

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Video Source: Koffee With Karan : Season 4 – Aamir and Kiran on Koffee With Karan-StarWorldIndia@YouTube

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