A review of a highly entertaining, energy-filled episode of Koffee with Karan starring close friends and co-actors, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.

We had a shocker, a flop show and a well-balanced episode one after the other in Koffee with Karan but not even one of them was half as entertaining as the fourth one. Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor were like a house on fire.

 A new Ranveer Singh

koffee with karan arjun ranveer Koffee with Karan: Bromance in the Air

First of all did you see Ramji ki chal? Ranveer walked the staircase in la Dev Anand fashion and since then he just maintained that he has gone retro. There could have been two reason behind his posturing- one that Ranveer post Lootera and Ramleela is now in a different phase of life where he exudes confidence that is born out of performance and the second reason being his honesty had him in a soup the last time he came on the show with ‘good friend’ and ‘the only saving grace’ Anushka. This time he was cautious of the ‘needler’ Karan Johar, but all his attempts to pose like a dignified person and bag himself a ‘rishta’ went in vain as the show progressed. The self confessed Punjabi hugger and kisser spoke fondly about good friend Deepika Padukone and also denied being ‘hooked, booked and cooked’. But what the show did was to bring out a Ranveer who is more admirable. Courtesy of his first two films, he had created a general ‘sadak chhap’ actor image but on the show he turned out to be a quite a charmer and a ‘people pleaser’.  He was so energetic that the host had to ask if he ever cries or gets depressed. The answer was big no and it became even more evident when Fubu aka Arjun Kapoor joined.

 Fab turned Flab- Arjun Kapoor

Flab turned fab, country turned city- Arjun came to meet Karan. The protagonists of Gunday did everything possible to make the sophisticated host feel embarrassed. They started with massy songs like ‘Dhina Dhin Dha’ of Ram Lakhan and then there was no stopping them. They indulged themselves in flattery of each other- “Baba, you are looking so handsome baba” and ‘talent ka volcano’. Ranveer then mimicked the Jewish girls he used to serve coffee once and his exoticness, they liked. In the meanwhile they also followed Sallu Bhaijaan, the trendsetter and called themselves ‘virgins’. Arjun also failed to pronounce ‘conjecture’, a word KJo loves throwing around.

koffee with karan ranveer arjun shanu Koffee with Karan: Bromance in the Air

The sweet moment minus the revelry came when casting director Shanu Sharma came and narrated how both the boys got their break. The show got even more emotional when Arjun spoke about fighting his inner demons, copping with the absence of his mother, making peace with his father et al. But it took a jerk of the head and a tight hug to get the boys going again into the rapid fire round.

 The Rapid Fire Round

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Ranveer began thunderously with his answers – Arjun tied to bed as fantasy, victory dance on getting stranded with Deepika and Anushka on an island, Arjun being a nymphomaniac who would take a bullet for a friend yet has a shirtless Justin Beiber poster in his room, Kamal Rashid Khan being the best Khan-the two rupees actor. Then Arjun fired his salvo- Sanjay Dutt on playboy, man crush on Hrithik after Dhoom 2 and betting of Aila Bhatt as the newcomer to look out for. Arjun won the cliffhanger.

The Buzzer Round

Then came the quiz round and it proved how the young guns grew up consuming Bollywood mainstream films. Forget about the answers but the kind of affection and energy they exuded while answering them was amazing. Their love for mainstream cinema was inspiring. The show ended with ‘Bom Bom’ song from Andaz Apna Apna that also sort of defined the lives of the two actors.

By Niharika

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