Bhagat Singh was hanged to death decades back & the injustice meted out to him is still as hurting as it used to be.The re-opened case of Singh is a hope.

  A petition  against the verdict in Bhagat Singh’s case

“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”

― MontesquieuThe Spirit of the Laws

The Lahore conspiracy Case was more than enough to prove the absolutism of the British Government. The execution of Bhagat Singh , Sukhdev and Rajguru had proved that the government could go to any extent to overthrow the spirit of the freedom strugglers. They had been found  ‘guilty’ during the trial conducted between ‘5th May 1930 to 7th October 1930’ (as mentioned in the  copy of judgment ).According to one opinion, Bhagat Sinh did not die immediately after being  executed . He still had to take a few breaths. He was dragged away to some unknown place where the son of Saunder  was ready with his revolver!!

bhagat sukhdev rajguru Koi Laut ke Aaya Hai: Reopening of Bhagat Singh’s case in Pakistan

The dead bodies were not given to the family members but thrown in a truck , taken to the bank of a riverRavi. The policemen sprayed kerosene , burnt them , and danced around them in a drunk position and pushed them in a river in  half burnt position!!!
The reactions of this event were severe. The people and the youngsters especially blamed Gandhi for his passivity. Demonstrations were held and the questions were raised against the Gandhian ideology. India lost a rising star at the age of 23!!A monument had been constructed in the memory of these martyrs at Husainiwala , Punjab. Not only the activists but also the common people  kept on raising the questions about the validity of the judgment.

Eighty three years after Bhagat Singh and his companion’s martyrdom , a case has been registered in Pakistan’s court to prove his innocence. Advocate Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi, chairman of the Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation has done this work. Originally the FIR was filed in Anarkali Police Station  on December 17, 1928 at4.30 pm against two ‘unknown’ men for killing John Saunders under subsections 302, 1201 and 109 of Indian Penal Code.

 Koi Laut ke Aaya Hai: Reopening of Bhagat Singh’s case in Pakistan

Mr Kureshi has stressed the immense contribution of these strugglers. In his petition. According to Mr Kureshi.  they were first given lifelong imprisonment but the penalty changed into a death sentence later. After studying the documents he claimed that Bhagat Singh’s name was not there in the beginning but added later. Lahore Police found out the original FIR and submitted it to the court as per the order. The judges of the court had given them death penalty, even without listening to 450 witnesses proving him  their innocence.  Even Singh’s lawyer Mr Asaf Ali was not given an opportunity to cross question to the government witness.

“ A bench of three judges declared a ‘verdict’ (?) for Bhagatsingh and his companions. Now  a larger bench, not less than at least five should be there to review the case” says Advocate Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi .The Lahore Conspiracy case was handled by  the public prosecutor Rai Bahadur Suryanarayan and the trial magistrate was a British Judge, P.B Pool.  The appellant  Advocate  Mr Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi is  also the chairman of Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation of Pakistan. A class favouring Bhagat Singh is not small in Pakistan. Even Muhammad Ali Jinnah  had appreciated his contribution twice in his speech.

bhagat singh case Koi Laut ke Aaya Hai: Reopening of Bhagat Singh’s case in Pakistan

What will be the outcomes after all? Shall we get back those martyrs back? Argument is certainly irrational. But this is undoubtedly a golden opportunity to restudy the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. It will definitely cultivate a spirit of patriotism in young generations. Let the world know till which extent selflessness can exist in the world. Let the history get alive. Let us wait for the verdict because…..

“The judge is found guilty when the criminal is acquitted”-Publilius Syrus.


By Milind Majmudar

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