How Krishna and Arjun turned Khandavprastha into Indraprastha? Check out the comparison and contrast between the real and the reel Mahabharat..

Starting from yesterday and then in today’s episode (March 4th) we saw how Khandavprastha was turned into Indraprastha within these two days with the help of Lord Indra, Lord Krishna, and even to an extent by Lord Agni who had a cameo role in the end. While, it was a pleasure to see the ex-Hastinapur vaasi settled along with the Pandu putr in an extremely new place, certain thing which was hard to digest was the contradictory incidents shown in the Mahabharat serial which were once again against the mythological story.

So, what was so contradictory about the real mythological story and the reel story?

Well, nothing what was shown in the serial – Indra waging a war against his own son Arjun, or Lord Krishna coming for rescue happened in the mythological story. As per the legend, Lord Krishna and Arjun met Lord Agni once while roaming in the Khandav forest. Lord Agni was very hungry and wanted to burn the entire Khandava forest so that he ould have kill his hunger. However, the forest was the same place where Takshak, the serpent king dwelled. Now this serpent king had the support from none other than the lord himself, that is Lord Indra.

Krishna Arjuna How Krishna and Arjun turned Khandavprastha into Indraprastha?

Krishna & Arjuna, Photo: ISKCON.ORG

So, no matter how many times Lord Agni tried to burn the forest, Lord Indra always bestowed the woods with heavy rains and thwarted the plans of Lord Agni. Failing which he approached Arjun and Lord Krishna to help him achieve his goal. Arjun and Lord Krishna wanted the same too and so the three together approached Lord Varuna, the God of oceans to crush Lord Indra

Lord Varuna then bestows Arjun with Gandiva, the moon bow built by Lord Brahma the creator of the universe himself. In this way, the greatest bow which once was with Lord Brahma, Indra, Soma and Varuna now comes under Arjun. In the serial, it was shown that Lord Agni gave Arjun this bow. Well, Swastik Pictures should really get their facts straight. I really don’t know from where they have taken the research material or what are they up to as showing paradoxical ideas in every episode is not something we as an audience appreciate.

Next Arjun also gets a chariot from Lord Agni with 4 horses yoked which would be occupied by Hanuman one day. Having all the ash-shastras including Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra, Krishna and Arjun then wage a war against Lord Indra, which they win. Meanwhile, Lord Agni burns the forest and compels all the demons and evil spirit to evacuate the forest. Indra too eventually mellows down. Krishna then seeks the help of Vishwakarma to construct Indraprastha unlike shown in the serial where Lord Indra conveys Krishna and Arjun that he will ask Vishwarma to help them with the construction.

Indraprastha Maya Assembly How Krishna and Arjun turned Khandavprastha into Indraprastha?

In this entire sequence, Krishna and Arjun rescues and save Maya Asura, the famous architect from burning in the forest. Maya Asura as a gesture of gratitude then promise to construct a beautiful palace for Yudhishtr. The beautiful Maya assembly hall in the palace was made by Maya Asura, whose glory and magnificence is still appreciated.

The way Krishna and Arjun turned Khandavprastha into Indraprastha is very different in the real Mahabharat but it seems that Star Plus and Swastik Pictures just don’t want to adapt it for their reel version.

By: Deepti Verma

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