Did you know Lord Krishna made a deal with Guru Dronacharya over Ashwatthama before the death of Drona? Well, courtesy Star Plus Mahabharat for the update!

“Deal?” , “Yes, deal!” is quite a modern phenomenon where two individuals almost make a verbal agreement. Back in Mahabharat days, it was not deal because the men and women were a bit selfless where they gave “vachans” and took “prans” easily without thinking much.

However, Star Plus Mahabharat somehow can neither stick to the older – real version of Mahabharat, nor give us an exceptional fictional version of Mahabharat. The result? Well, we get a mismatch of the real story where modern psychology is applied along with the contemporary human mindset – Bole toh, total khichdi!

And so, we see Krishna making a deal with Guru Dronacharya, in order to reveal the truth behind the mystery of Ashwatthama’s death and weaken him mentally when he threatens to use Parshuram’s weapon.

Here is the conversation –

Krishna –Guru Dron what if I tell you, the Ashwatthama who died in the war is not your son but an elephant? Will you drop this fierceness, the anger? Will kindness again be your virtue?

Guru Dron – (Melting instantly by hearing his son’s name) “Yes, nothing is as important to me as my son Ashwatthama!

And there I was seen yelling looking at my TV Screen – Cut, cut, please cut!

Where on earth did this conversation ever took place in Mahabharat? Wasn’t Dronacharya so depressed after hearing the news of his son’s death that he immediately descended from his chariot, dropped all his weapons and sat in meditation to search Ashwatthama’s soul in heaven? Did he really needed Lord Krishna’s deal? Oh wait, first of all why Lord Krishna’s character is being deteriorated furthermore in this mythological drama? Isn’t his political plan of weakening Drona in the original version enough?

mahabharat guru dron ashwatthama Whats The Deal Between Krishna & Guru Dronacharya over Ashwatthama in Star Plus Mahabharat?

Besides, here in the serial, it is shown that Lord Krishna asks Yudhisthira to confirm the news to Guru Dronacharya of his son’s death. However, if you read the English Translated Mahabharata by KM Ganguly it is clearly stated that after hearing Bheem’s boasting over the death of Aswatthama,

Guru Dron decides to hear the truth from Yudhishtira as he believed the elder Pandava would never utter any lie and so he rushes his chariot towards him. 

But, but, but, Star Plus Mahabharat is too filmy, how can they reveal it without adding their own version of idiotic drama? And so we see, it is not Guru Dron who comes to Yudhishtira, but Yudhishtira himself. And guess what? Guru Dron doesn’t question him, It is Lord Krishna who requests, hmm rather insist him to reveal the truth.

Guru Drona Whats The Deal Between Krishna & Guru Dronacharya over Ashwatthama in Star Plus Mahabharat?

And as we know Yudhisthira went on to say those politically correct words yet a lie – making Guru Dronacharya believe that his beloved son, Ashwatthama is no more!

This way, Yudhishtira too becomes the part of Krishna’s deal – the one who acts as a catalyst in the whole episode to make Drona believe the death of his son.

Lastly, after knowing it is not his son who died but an elephant with the same name, Guru Dron decides to drop his weapons. Yes, wasn’t that Krishna’s deal with him in the upper mentioned conversation?

Star Plus Krishna – “Waah maan gaye guru!”

Thoko Taali! 

Image Source: Dronacharya, Guru Drona

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