Krishna’s one of the teachings in The Bhagwat Gita is about treating universe as one which only can illuminate the world.

Sri Krishna’s basic teaching in Gita is the work of science. Although he talks about science of knowledge & devotion too. But conclusion of his teaching is the work of science. It is evident from the fact that he impressed Arjuna to adopt karma path. The question may be asked “why Krishna talked about science of knowledge & devotion? We have three kinds of bodies. They are portly or physical, subtle mind & Karan. Portal body is visible & can be touched. It gets command from subtle mind & intellect. The result of our actions are regularly converged in the form of sacrament, desire, that is Karan, our third form of body. Karana is the root of prarabadha & destiny. All these are tempted in our life.

Bhagwad Gita Unitary Way Of Life.
Mind & Intellect are nurtured by the science of knowledge. We can act properly only if we know the truth. Truth can be known only by raising questions supported by factual answer. Curious minds have a flow of knowledge which in turn send healthy command to our physical body. Only stable mind can reach to the truth not the agile one. How the stability of subtle mind can be attained? The only way is devotion.

Concluding Sri Krishna preached Arjuna, to move on Karma Path with the help of knowledge & devotion. Besides Gita, Vedanta & Brahma Sutra also preaches the same like Gita. In one sentence it can be named as VEDANTIC WAY OF LIFE. The word Vedanta has been derived from Hindu Mythology but it does not incline to any religion. It is a Indian way of Life. It is Santana. It was discovered after a lot of research of our ancient sagas. This is the reason that all its elements are scientifically proved and applicable in present context too.

Krishna Instructs Arjuna Unitary Way Of Life.
Sun is the main source of energy in the universe. Our sagas worshiped sun for the uplift of the entire universe. It illuminates all jade & Chetan equally. If we look into Gyatri mantra in depth, we will notice that it is the prayer of sun for the betterment of all, though it is prayed by individual. In the entire universe all Chetan & Jade acts as per law of nature. But human beings frequently break laws of the nature causing natural calamities like flood, uneven rain, global warming etc. Now we have recognized it and actions are being taken to rectify it. All these illustrate that the universe be dealt as unit and not in isolation. Sri Krishna, Vedanta preached the same.

gayatri mantra Unitary Way Of Life.
All these direct us to follow Vedanta way of life. Several countries in the world practiced rule without religion but failed & broke into several parts. On the other hand other countries have followed the religion that caused terrorism, zealot, & fundamentalism which has sat ablaze the entire word. We are the only country having unity in diversity only due to Vedantic way of life. It is the time to complete the unfinished task of SWAMI VIVEKANANDa to illuminate the world with Vedantic way of life, that is unitary way of life & it is the only composite way of life.

By Dr Dinesh Mishra

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