The only color white was destined to widows in India.But 2016 Holi in Vrindavan daubed white-draped women in colors for the first time.A great change it is.

No more, the time runs on wheels, in fact, it possesses wings. For, things are changing way fast, in a manner, where today stands better than yesterday. That prompt has been the actions of time. Never to miss out that time too has succumbed to many deep-seated traditional practices but the day isn’t very away when time would have its victory over all the age-old societal norms.

widows holi Not Just White Befits A Widow. Kudos For Vrindavan

Since I embarked upon my adulthood, my mind always rebelled against the irrational societal practices against the Dalits, widows and menstruating women, but never could my actions be of a rebellion. May be, I hadn’t had the brevity to morph the society into a better place to breathe in, which, my heart always itched for.

vrindavanholi widows Not Just White Befits A Widow. Kudos For Vrindavan

Delight ran down my spine. The chants of ‘Hurray’ echoed in my mind. I sighed in exhilaration the moment my regular Facebook tour halted at a point showing me the widows drenched in colors. It was for the first time in my life that my eyes witnessed such pleasant weirdness. Color-smeared white drapes around the widow was the requisite modernism I longed for. Modernism has been dissolving in the lifestyle of our society since a long time, but such remarkable changes were yet missing.

Vrindavan widows Holi Not Just White Befits A Widow. Kudos For Vrindavan

This time, may be, it was only Vrindavan to instigate this new tradition. But I’m sure this milestone had definitely set a paradigm in our society which, in near future, other cities definitely would embrace.

‘Colorless white life of widows had their first touch of colors’. Aha! The precedent statement comforts me to the core. Lastly, someone opened the doors of joy for the distressed widows.

By Prerna Daga

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