Mr. Kumar Vishwas has written a letter to CEO of Endemol stating that he will participate in Bigg Boss 8 only if they give him a compensation of 21 crore.

Bigg Boss 8 is around the corner (starting from September 21 9 pm) and several of the people from various fields and areas have been approached to participate in the show. While Salman Khan‘s ex girl-friend Sangeeta Bijlani has declined the show after he advised her not to participate, the buzz is that AAP leader Kumar Vishwas is asking Rs. 21 crore.

Mr. Kumar Vishwas has sent a letter to the CEO of the Production house Endemol stating that he will participate in the Bigg Boss house only if they give him a compensation of Rs. 21 crore. While you wonder if he is really worthy of Rs. 21 crore he is asking for, we bombard you with a twist. The twist in the story is that he doesn’t want Rs. 21 Crore for himself, but for a cause he strongly supports.

IMG 20140909 110350 Kumar Vishwas Demands 21 Crore to Participate in Bigg Boss 8

IMG 20140909 110059 Kumar Vishwas Demands 21 Crore to Participate in Bigg Boss 8

On September 3, Mr. Vishwas updated his letter as a FB status which states that the entire money will be donated in a charity towards the widows of martyr. His letter mentions that the fund will only be for War Widows Fund and if the production house accepts the offer, he will be willing to participate in the show.

The compensation with the Bigg Boss house offers is Rs. 5 crore. Well, Kumar Vishwas could have accepted Rs. 5 crore and donated the money to the funds. But, he made it public just like a self proclaimed philanthropist. His admirers are calling him a messiah, but his haters again see it as a publicity gimmick.

At the same time, he is already in news after he claimed he was approached by BJP to become the CM of Delhi.

kumar vishwas aap bigg boss 8 Kumar Vishwas Demands 21 Crore to Participate in Bigg Boss 8

This is not the first time, Colors approached the AAP Leader, he was contacted earlier too. Maybe, he didn’t want to make a Political Blunder back then, and so he never agreed to participate. This year perhaps he had a change of thought and decided to do a double dhamaka by revealing the letter.

All said and done, the channel is not ready to pay the leader a whooping sum of Rs. 21 crore, making it very clear that even this year again, the audience will be deprived from the Kumar Vishwas antics on the small screen. I hope this attempt help Kumar Vishwas to get some brownie points from his admirers and he strives hard to collect the 21 crore for the cause he strongly supports.

Good Luck Mr. Vishwas! We hope you succeed in the good cause!

Stay Tuned we will share more such stories and news from the Bigg Boss 8 House.

Source: Dr. Kumar Vishwas FB

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