It is Kumar Vishwas against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi this time. As opinions remain divided between the two candidates, here is an analysis on why the battle looks tough for Kumar Vishwas. Will or will not Amethi give AAP a chance?

AAP after winning the Delhi Assembly election with a whooping 28 seats and then forming a government at Delhi was at their best phase or you may say their stock were bullish, breaking every resistance level. While, we were thinking the newly formed party will now again break their previous resistance level, as usual we were wrong. The party went in their standstill position ready to take reversal. Yes, the AAP stock now looks like it will soon take a reversal and become bearish.

amethi aap 300x123 Why Kumar Vishwas cannot defeat Rahul Gandhi in Amethi?

As Delhi is regretting its decision of voting the AAP party, some other states and regions seem to be already bored of the party’s candidates, campaign and allegations on other political parties and leaders. One such place is Gandhi constituency Amethi where AAP’s Kumar Vishwas seems to be challenging Rahul Gandhi on top of his voice through the concept of “aam aadmi” and “crown prince”.  Even if Aam Aadmi Party had done few small things in Delhi of what it had promised, the constituency of Amethi would have tried to listen Kumar Vishwas and his concept of Aam Aadmi vs Crown Prince. But AAP failed to deliver, worst, after taking Congress support to form government they are waging a war against them. Do you think, after knowing and seeing all this, the people of Amethi who are hardcore Congress devotee will even entertain him? That reminds me of the Jan Lokpal Bill! Isn’t the 14 days time period over?

amethi vishwas gandhi 300x225 Why Kumar Vishwas cannot defeat Rahul Gandhi in Amethi?

Plus, Kumar Vishwas isn’t smart enough to contest an election forget about Lok Sabha election and that too from Amethi. The reason, Well if he had been, he would not try to evoke anti-religion remarks before campaigning in the constituency for the very first time. Neither would he make racist comments on women. His comments on Muslims and statement on Nurses from Kerala only show he is not worthy to be elected. Now, why would  rural women or women from a town give vote to such a person who talks rubbish in public about women? Isn’t Rahul Gandhi, a better choice, the man has even said that it is his vision to see half of Congress members as women. He even conducted a nationwide meeting to hear women’s standpoint for the coming elections.

Amethi is a Gandhi constituency since ages. The people are connected to the Nehru family and so they vote only to the family and the Congress. If there is no Congress candidate then it is Sanjay Singh or may be SP, but not others. But if there is a member of the Gandhi family, they vote for them and only them. Call it, prejudice, love or anything, but they do it. They elected Sonia Gandhi in 1999 and then Rahul Gandhi in 2004 and 2009. Now, if someone has to break this prejudice, he has to be strong, focused and have a positive outlook not a protestor, agitator or a blamer who comes and blames the ruling government, declares them incapable and insists people to vote for him only because he terms their choice as “inappropriate”.

Kumar Vishwas thinks that he can be an eye-opener to the Amethi people by holding rallies, talking about poor infrastructure and dynasty politics, but the people of the constituent are smarter than Mr. Vishwas as they know exactly why he is doing this, yes only for the sake of “publicity”. Also, big terms like “anti-corruption” would sway voters in the urban area, rural constituents want feasible solutions which is helpful to them, like connecting their village to the nearest city, giving them electricity without major power cuts, things like anti-corruption is something which they won’t be interested in, weakening the very basis of AAP and Kumar Vishwas.

If AAP and Kumar Vishwas want to win in Amethi or any other constituency they first need to prove themselves in Delhi, start being an administrator and not an agitator. Regarding Amethi, Mr. Vishwas, your report card is way bad than Gandhi Junior…So, maybe another place and another time, till then learn the art of administrator, that’s how a rookie learns you know!

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