Is Abhi really supporting Tannu or is he just playing with both, Tannu and Aliya to protect Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya?

Last week in Kumkum Bhagya, we saw how Abhi realized that Pragya is not that bad as he thinks. He is still confused as to why she saved her from the Police. Nevertheless, even if he doesn’t want to, he is attracted towards her. In simple words he is falling for her. Her simplicity and selfless attitude has finally bowled him over.

kumkum bhagya abhi pragya KumKum Bhagya : Is Abhi Playing with Aliya & Tannu to Protect Pragya?

While the Daadis and Pragya’s Family are happy with this sudden development, somebody seems to be fuming with jealousy and anger! Yes, the two evergreen antagonists of the show – Tannu and Aliya!

Aliya and Tannu’s Plan 

Aliya and Tannu are constantly trying to pull Pragya down. They cannot digest the fact that even Abhi is falling for her. Not a single plan they tried on Pragya worked and so this time they thought of using the trick on her relatives. They preferred mammaji as he took their catering order.

Fortunately, their plan of insulting Pragya’s mammaji failed since Purab interrupted. However, they stooped further down and here nobody could stop the bitches from insulting Pragya. Their plan was to blame/charge Mamma’s son Puneet of molesting Tannu. 

aliya purab kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Is Abhi Playing with Aliya & Tannu to Protect Pragya?

They called up Puneet in a room where Tannu was alone. But before Puneet could go, Abhi was already in the room with Tannu. Puneet saw them together almost in a smooching position. Next, Abhi sees him and punishes him badly almost creating a scene in front of everybody present in the party.

The verdict – Pragya is insulted and Tannu becomes Mahaan in eveybody’s eyes as she thinks about the two families izzat. Once again making a place in Abhi’s heart!

However, Do You Think Abhi Going in the Room Where Tannu Was Waiting for Puneet Can Be a Co-Incidence? 

Well, it can be! But, going by the current plot, you never know if Abhi is playing with Aliya and Tannu so that he could protect his wife Pragya.

You never know whether he went into the room where Tannu was waiting for Puneet, so that he could protect Puneet (Pragya’s brother) from the upcoming major trouble.

Didn’t the sudden change of behavior in Abhi towards Tannu surprised you? 10 minutes before, he almost yelled at her saying he had no trust on her and expressed his feelings for Pragya. He even danced on the floor with Pragya expressing all his love, care and concern. But exactly 10 minutes later, he comforted Tannu that he still loves her. Don’t you think something here is fishy? 

I mean there can be a possibility that Abhi is just acting now so that he not only controls Tannu and Aliya, but also gets to know Pragya’s reality – The same reality which she is hiding from him.

So, Is Abhi All Head Over Heels For Pragya? 

Well, yes he is, going by the last week’s super romantic moments shared between them. But if he is acting, you’ll see them fighting even more. If he is not, and himself confused, I hope soon he gets to know the reality of Purab – Pragya and Bulbul!

What do you think – Is he is just acting or he really isn’t aware of anything? 

Image Source: Kumkum Bhagya

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