Now that Pragya has finally proposed Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya – Will he accept Pragya’s proposal or ditch her for Tanu?

If you have stopped watching Kumkum Bhagya, let me tell you the show is once again worth a watch. Yes, you can finally see this Ekta Kapoor drama on Zee TV. The reason – Well, finally, after two months, Abhi and Pragya are out of the kidnapping drama. And guess what? In this entire drama, Pragya at last, could gather courage to propose Abhi, much to the latter’s surprise.

pragya in saree kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Will Abhi Accept Pragya’s Proposal?

Now the question is –

Will Abhi Accept Pragya’s Proposal?

Pragya who has been trying to propose Abhi from new year’s eve has finally proposed Abhi after playing a hide and seek game for almost 3 months. While, Pragya is happy that she has finally said her dil ki baat, Abhi looked shocked as well as surprised after hearing her confessing.

kumkum bhagya pragya abhi romantic scene KumKum Bhagya : Will Abhi Accept Pragya’s Proposal?

Actually, Abhi who had no idea of Pragya’s feelings seems to be confused. After all, he had no idea that his chashmish cum fuggy who hated him so much would fall for him. But, now that Pragya has done her work, looks like Abhi too soon will realize his hidden love for Pragya. Aha, it would be really interesting from hereon to witness how the Rockstar Abhi will now accept his wife Pragya’s proposal – Will it be yes or will it be no? Well, let’s analyze a bit…

What About Tanu?

Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya is a man who thinks about everyone. So even if he has feelings for Pragya, he would think about Tanu twice (actually many a times) who has been waiting for him desperately, from the day he married Pragya. It would be interesting to see how Abhi (who now knows that his wife loves him) will manage the show of gharwali and baharwali. Wonder if he’ll tell Tanu about Pragya’s proposal only to seek her advice?

tanu kumkum bhaya KumKum Bhagya : Will Abhi Accept Pragya’s Proposal?

Well, in that case, this entire goody good plot will once again turn into saadish, conspiracies, kidnapping and what not.

But Will Tanu Be Quiet?

Tanu who is already day dreaming about love between Pragya and Abhi, will make sure that she gets to know about each and every developments between the couple Pragya and Abhi. While, Pragya wouldn’t tell her even a word, you never know if Bulbul much to her excitement reveals it to Tanu and the gang.

tanu aaliya mitali bhabhi kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Will Abhi Accept Pragya’s Proposal?

In that case, Tanu and the gang will leave no stones unturned to split the duo Pragya and Abhi once again. Still, we can hope that things wouldn’t be the same like before, because Abhi now knows the fact that Pragya loves him dearly.

So Will Abhi Finally Get Rid of Tanu?

It is not just the daasis but even the viewers who think why Tanu has to be in the Mehra house for 24×7. So, now that there is finally a chance of love brewing between the lead couple Abhi and Pragya, we hope that the woh – Tanu finally take a rest in her own residence. In addition, take away her companions – Aaliya and Mitali Bhabhi as well.

abhi kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Will Abhi Accept Pragya’s Proposal?

We just hope Abhi accepts Pragya’s proposal in Kumkum Bhagya as soon as possible and give us yet another memorable love stories of Zee TV. After all, it’s been a long time since we really had a Archana – Manav or Purvi – Arjun love story. 

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