Tanu has always cheated Abhi – Will be finally know her reality in Kumkum Bhagya?

The love triangle of Tanu, Abhi and Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya is quite complicated. The reason being though Abhi loves Pragya, he doesn’t trust her completely. And though Pragya loves Abhi, she is too good to see anybody in trouble even if it is Tanu, the root of all problems. Besides, Tanu doesn’t love Abhi she only acts of loving him.

In fact, there is a fourth person involved here – Nikhil, Tanu’s another boyfriend and also the father of Tanu’s kid whom she forced on Abhi and even called it as his child.

abhi pragya tanu Kumkum Bhagya: Will Abhi Ever Know that Tanu is Cheating Him?

Tanu Is Fooling Abhi from Long in Kumkum Bhagya

Though Abhi never realized, Tanu has been fooling him all the time. The lady was involved in all the ill activities done by Aaliya and in everything wrong that happened to Pragya and her family. Though we saw Aaliya getting exposed almost all the time, we saw Tanu almost walking unhurt after every khulasa. Aaliya would never mention Tanu as her “partner in crime”. This is the reason why she has a clean record in front of Abhi though he knows her behavior and nature.

abhi pragya tanu Kumkum Bhagya: Will Abhi Ever Know that Tanu is Cheating Him?

Abhi knows Tanu is a brat but he also trusts her. He knows that she cannot do anything that might hurt him. However, he has no idea that this Tanu loves nobody not even him. It is only because of his fame and name that she keeps on running after him. She has been fooling him from long showing her fake love where in reality she has no love for him.

Abhi Has No Idea that Nikhil Was the Father of Tanu’s Child

While Abhi has been holding him responsible for Tanu’s child, he has no idea that the father of the unborn child was Nikhil. Abhi is clueless how Tanu is two timing him with Nikhil. While, he has always shown genuine corcern, Tanu has only misused Abhi’s support.

In fact, she kept on cheating with him first by sleeping with another man and then trying to defame Pragya by blaming her for wrong things. In fact, Tanu and Nikhil even had plans to transfer Abhi’s property and everything on their name post the arrival of their baby. Unfortunately, Tanu met with an accident and lost her baby. The evil lady is not sad that she lost her baby but sad because now she has nothing to win Abhi and his property.

tanu nikhil kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Abhi Ever Know that Tanu is Cheating Him?

This is the reason why she is now trying to gain Abhi’s sympathy by blaming Pragya for the accident. Though Abhi knows Pragya cannot do anything to harm anybody, he is annoyed and has stopped talking to her. No, he is not ready to listen to anybody.

This makes us wonder – When will Abhi realize his mistake of believing Tanu. No wonder, the evil lady has been cheating and fooling him from ages now.

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