Will the lovers abhigya (Abhi – Pragya) unite in Kumkum bhagya after the MMS Scandal? Read here to know what is the possibilities of this Ekta Kapoor serial

The 24 hour deadline in Kumkum Bhagya is stretching from past 4 days or more maybe. Poor Pragya is trying her hard to prove her innocence in the MMS Scandal, but somehow or the other Aaliya, Tanu and Mitali Bhabhi are successful in deleting all sorts of evidences. This time again, the writers of the serial are playing a hide and seek with the audiences – giving us nothing but lollipops in precap. 

abhi pragya kumkum bhagya gif Kumkum Bhagya : Will Abhigya (Abhi   Pragya) Ever Unite???

Dream Sequences are Getting on our Nerves Now 

Yesterday we saw Pragya proves her innocence and Abhigya unite by hugging each other. Even a melodious love song is played in the background. We are happy that finally the two are re-uniting and the problem is solved despite all the initial hiccups. But, no, after 10 minutes we realize it is just a dream sequence where the bechari Pragya is not hugging her hubby Abhi, but his favorite pillow. Boom! 

abhigya kukum bhagya abhi pragya hugging Kumkum Bhagya : Will Abhigya (Abhi   Pragya) Ever Unite???

Suspense and surprises are a part and parcel of a good show however stretching is just not acceptable. 

Now the question is will the two unite, after 24 hours rather will Abhigya ever unite in Kumkum Bhagya? 

To start with, Purab is Working on it 

Purab knows that the MMS was sent from Aakash’s phone. However, Aakash clearly denies doing it.  Purab and Bulbul are now convinced that Aakash is not the culprit. Then who can it be? On the other hand, Aakash remembers giving his phone to Tannu but is not ready to believe that Tannu and Aliya can do such a thing. In fact, he utters, “How can I even think of this?” Now the question is will Aakash try to get to the bottom? or will Purab find the culprit? In both cases, there is a million dollar question – Will Abhi believe them? Hmm, perhaps if they show him some sort of evidence. 

kumkum bhagya purab Kumkum Bhagya : Will Abhigya (Abhi   Pragya) Ever Unite???

Oh yes, Pragya has some Evidence… 

Pragya has the CCTV footage where it is clearly visible that Mitali Bhabhi along with some other person planned the entire MMS Scandal. The serial ends exactly when Pragya comes out to show Abhi the evidence of her innocence. However, you never know if the DVD at the last moment is changed by Tannu because Tannu was in Pragya’s room when Pragya came out to meet her mother Sarla. 

19 03 kumkumbhagya Kumkum Bhagya : Will Abhigya (Abhi   Pragya) Ever Unite???

At once, I thought in the initial phase of the serial that Abhi like Akbar of Jodha Akbar might play around with his family members only to find who in his family is actually creating problems for him. But, the character Abhi here is more dumb – He doesn’t get into the bottom of the problem but gets emotional if he sees that the guy/girl he trusted betrayed him. 

Why are the other Dadis not given any role? 

I thought the two other dadi’s will have an important role to play in this entire MMS Scandal where they will plan and hear all the gossips of the mischievous three Aaliya-Tannu-Mitali Bhabhi and prove that Pragya is innocence. But, no, the two dadi’s have no role. I wonder, why they are in the serial then?

Kumkum Bhagya Episode dadi Kumkum Bhagya : Will Abhigya (Abhi   Pragya) Ever Unite???

Now what? 

In the precap the same sequence is repeated where the lights are off and Pragya hears a shout. Now, will that be helpul to Pragya? Well, only time will decide because precaps are deceiving. 

kumkum bhagya abhi pragya flashback Kumkum Bhagya : Will Abhigya (Abhi   Pragya) Ever Unite???

Will the two – Abhigya unite after this drama? Well, keep guessing because that’s what Ekta Kapoor wants you to do till you hate the serial and stop watching it. 

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