Tanu and Alia’s friendship will soon turn sour in Kumkum Bhagya, courtesy Pragya’s kidnapping – Here we tell you why

There was a time in Kumkum Bhagya when best friends Alia and Tanu had a common agenda “Pragya”.

alia tanu Kumkum Bhagya : Is Alia and Tanu’s Friendship At Stake?

So, the notorious two bonded well not only because of their friendship, but also due to their common goal – To get rid of Pragya. However, off late it is not the same. The final goal of the two friends might be the same but their paths have changed drastically – Making us wonder will the two stick together or will their friendship soon see end of the day? Perhaps with the replacement of the face even Tanu’s nature has been replaced!

kumkum bhagya ABHI TANU Kumkum Bhagya : Is Alia and Tanu’s Friendship At Stake?

Alia’s Gain is Now Tanu’s Pain

The corporator wants Bulbul in exchange of Pragya. This news is in Alia’s favor but it is not what Tanu wants. So, Alia doesn’t want Tanu to know this fact. The reason? Well, if Tanu knows that Pragya will be released she will create some or the other problems, which would become Alia’s pain.

kumkum bhagya tanu alia Kumkum Bhagya : Is Alia and Tanu’s Friendship At Stake?

Right now, Alia is happy just by knowing the fact that she will finally get rid of Bulbul. So whether Pragya re-enters or vanishes from Abhi’s life is none of her business. Besides, why would she spoil her life or plans for Tanu’s happiness? Alia is well aware that Tanu is both selfish and mean minded just like her. She would therefore hide things from Tanu to ease her life.

But Will Tanu Be Quiet?

Tanu wanted to separate Abhi and Pragya right from the day they married. Alia too supported her because she thought it was Pragya whom Purab loved. However, circumstances changed when they realized that – It is Bulbul whom Purab loves and not Pragya.

TANU KUMKUM BHAGYA EKTA KAPOOR VAMP Kumkum Bhagya : Is Alia and Tanu’s Friendship At Stake?

After that Tanu at several instances felt that Alia is being mean to her. Though she didn’t openly express her dilemma, she did think Alia is being selfish on several occasions. The latest betrayal by Alia should be the last nail on the coffin. The real fun will start when Tanu will know that Alia was hiding this fact from her. It would be really interesting to see the vamps fighting against each other or planning things which would work in Abhi-Pragya’s favor.

Meanwhile Abhi Is All Set to Read Pragya’s Letter…

Tanu had planned a surprise Valentine’s Day for Abhi, but Abhi had no interest in celebrating the same because he wanted to rescue Pragya. And when Tanu stops him from going, he snaps back at her and starts the search. Now-a-days, all he is thinking is how to rescue Pragya from the kidnappers. He will soon even read Pragya’s letter and realize she loves him.

So, although the entire kidnapping sequence was dragged too long, it will end on a happy note with Abhi and Pragya getting to know each other’s feeling, obviously irking Tanu greatly. The next track of the serial will be even more interesting from Tanu’s point of view – Let’s see what she’ll do to separate Abhigya.

abhi pragya kidnap kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya : Is Alia and Tanu’s Friendship At Stake?

Most probably she will ask Alia’s help again. If Alia doesn’t help her this time you never know if she plans against Alia and expose her in front of anybody.

Remember Alia has convinced everybody that she has no problem with Purab – Bulbul marriage? Well, she is in the good books of everyone now. However, Tanu who knows the fact that Alia is just playing with the family so that she gets her Purab back, can blackmail Alia in the upcoming weeks.

Yes, Love can become a dirty game!

Let’s see whether the two most hated characters of Kumkum Bhagya  -Tanu and Alia stick to each other like best friends or go separate ways to get their love back…

aaliya and tanu frendship kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya : Is Alia and Tanu’s Friendship At Stake?

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