Bulbul is dead in Kumkum Bhagya. Know everything about her suicide

In Kumkum Bhagya, the main protagonist Pragya is going from a bad phase. Thanks to Aaliya and the circumstances, she is compelled to go against her family despite the fact that she hates going against her family! Worst, she even has to go against her own husband Abhi. Now if all these issues were less, her own sister Bulbul has given her a massive shock.

Bulbul’s Damaged Face Has Made Her Mentally Weak

Pragya and Bulbul’s mother Sarla comes to meet Bulbul in the hospital and expresses her excitement to take Bulbul back to their home. However, Bulbul recalls Aaliya’s words. It upsets her as her words constantly echoe in her mind. She gets upset that her face has spoiled completely. Moreover, she thinks what if Purab, her husband might start hating both her face and her.

kumkum bhagya bulbul suicide Kumkum Bhagya: Know All about Bulbul’s Suicide!

So, the moment her mother goes out of the room, Bulbul checks her face in the mirror and gets heartbroken after seeing her damaged face damaged. She then decides to play it bold by taking an extreme step. Next, Bulbul writes a note to her husband Purab. The nurse gives the note to Purab, who is in a state of shock after reading the same.

Bulbul Takes a Decision to End Her Life by Committing Suicide

After giving the note to the nurse, she runs away from the hospital, hires an autorickshaw and reaches the same place where Purab and she used to usually meet.

purab kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Know All about Bulbul’s Suicide!

Meanwhile, Purab reads the notes and rushes in the hospital room only to find her missing. Highly tensed, he calls Pragya who then asks him their favorite “meeting spot”. Pragya immediately rushes there. On the other hand, Sarla and Purab too rush to reach the spot.

Bulbul Jumps from the Cliff, While Pragya Stands Their Helpless

Pragya who is sure that Bulbul is having suicidal inhibitions rushes to the ‘place’ to find her sister. She sees her standing at the cliff ready to jump. Pragya is highly shocked and she constantly tries to stop Bulbul. However, Bulbul is not ready to listen. Without wasting anytime Bulbul then jumps off from the cliff ending her life.

pragya kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Know All about Bulbul’s Suicide!

Moments later, both Purab and Sarla reach the spot highly worried. Purab in a hassled state asks Pragya about Bulbul. Pragya stands in shock, while Purab keeps on shouting Bulbul, running here and there, trying to search her. However, he doesn’t see Bulbul anywhere, but get her red veil.

Bulbul is Dead Because Mrunal Thakur Has Decided to Quit Kumkum Bhagya

The death of Bulbul was not part of the plot. However, after Mrunal Thakur decided to quit the serial, her death was added to end her character. Initially, there was buzz that another actress would essay the role of Bulbul after the plastic surgery. But, looks like the makers of Kumkum Bhagya decided to end the character.

kumkum bhagya purab sarla Kumkum Bhagya: Know All about Bulbul’s Suicide!

However, still the question remains –

Whether Bulbul Will be back in another face or she is dead already? What do you think?

Image Source: Sanpshot from Zee TV

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