5 Times Kumkum Bhagya Was Illogical!

Kumkum Bhagya started off as a rather very promising show of Zee TV. This Balaji Telefilms’ serial sure had potential with the makers highlighting a strange yet hatke love story of a simpleton Punjabi girl with a rockstar. All was well in the serial in the start until they started some illogical dumb plots with some weird twists and turns.

We trace five times when the script writers of Kumkum Bhagya called it quits and just didn’t bother to write a decent plot. Here we share five illogical plots on Kumkum Bhagya. Read on:

pragya kumkum bhagya 5 Times Kumkum Bhagya Was Illogical!

Sarla’s Paralysis

Sarla got to know about the reality of Tanu and Nikhil. This we thought would benefit Pragya as Sarla got to know about Pragya’s reality. However, much to our surprise, nothing happened. Instead, Sarla met with an accident which made her mute totally. Well, the lady is suffering paralysis which means the Tanu and Nikhil drama will still go on and on.

sarla kumkum bhagya 5 Times Kumkum Bhagya Was Illogical!

Tanu and Nikhil’s Pregnancy Drama

Tanu despite loving Abhi sleeps with an unknown producer and gets pregnant. The two then plan to claim it as Abhi’s child. Yes, Nikhil loves Tanu but he wants Tanu to marry Abhi so that she can snatch the property. While Abhi is confident that he has not slept with Tanu but still accept that he is the father if the child. Wonder, were in reality such things happen?

tanu nikhil kumkum bhagya 5 Times Kumkum Bhagya Was Illogical!

Pragya and Dadi’s Secret

In the serial, it is shown that in order to reveal the real fact of Aaliya and Tanu, Dadi unites with Pragya snd chsnge her completely. Now the once simple and old fashioned Pragya becomes a confident and modern Pragya. The duo do all the sort of things and act like detectives in order to show Abhi the real truth even when they know they are the only oneswhom Abhi trusts the most.

dadi pragya kumkum bhagya 5 Times Kumkum Bhagya Was Illogical!

Go Against Him, Make Him Hate You and Then Weep in Silence

This is a Balaji Telefilms’ patented plot where we see how the ladies in order to seek love get against their own love.This mahanta is something that we see only in Indian TV serials. Strangely, in Kumkum Bhagya too despite knowing the fact that Abhi loves her, she goes against him and even makes him hate her. End of the day neither she is happy nor is her love. Such illogical track.

abhi pragya 5 Times Kumkum Bhagya Was Illogical!

The Prolong Pregnancy In Kumkum Bhagya

In the start, Rachna was pregnant and her pregnancy track continued for literally a year and now it is Tanu whose tummy doesn’t seem to come out, even though she has been pregnant from ages. This pregnancy track seems to be forever in Kumkum Bhagya. Tanu still looks like she is in her first month whereas it has been months since she is pregnant. Wonder, when will her pregnancy get over.

abhi pragya tanu 5 Times Kumkum Bhagya Was Illogical!

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