A Nerd ignores a Plain Jane and fall for his hot sister  – Same plot another story – KumKum Bhagya

Pragya, the Responsible Girl

Pragya, the elder sister of Zee TV’s KumKum Bhagya is nice, hard working and a sincere girl who tries her best to save her family from all the financial burdens and emotional turmoil. She, has a friend in the form of Suresh, the payjama chapp neighbor next door who always helps her family. His friendliness towards Pragya made us wonder whether he has a soft corner for Pragya, however, yesterday when he revealed his feelings, I got a shock of my life.

5iWPP KumKum Bhagya: And the Nerd Falls for the Hot Sister of the Plain Jane

The Twisting Tale of KumKum Bhagya

Well, MR. Suresh doesn’t love Pragya but his sweet little sister, Bulbul. On the contrary, Bulbul who won’t even give a damn to this uncle type looking man thinks that Suresh loves Pragya. Moreover, Pragya and her mother, Sarla are also of the same opinion. Sarla meanwhile is even planning to give Pragya’s hand in Suresh’s hand for marriage. Bulbul and Suresh can never be a couple because of their drastic opposite nature. I wonder, what the writers have in their mind. However, one thing really irks me the most – the plight of simple, good and responsible girls who are ignored by even the ugly looking guys.

Kumkum Bhagya sister KumKum Bhagya: And the Nerd Falls for the Hot Sister of the Plain Jane

Why the Simple Looking Girl is Overshadowed by the Brat in Television Serials?

It is always shown in the TV serials that the good, simple looking elder girl who spent most of the time helping the family with finances has no guy falling for her. On the other hand, every second guy wants to marry her beautiful good for nothing sister. Starting from Amanat, this has been a plot of lot many serials. I don’t know what is the obsession of the writers with this plot, because in reality it is always the opposite.

Today, everybody wants a responsible wife and bahu rather than a good looking but good for nothing girl as their wife and bahu. If only the writers go for a reality check and stop giving us this nonsense…

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Zee TV

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