Kumkum Bhagya News – Wil pragya expose Tanu and Aaliya by taking advantage of Nikhil?

Pragya, Daadi and Bulbul are trying their best to expose Tanu and Aaliya in Kumkum Bhagya. However, being smart both Tanu and Aaliya save themselves some way or the other. In the last two occasions we were sure that Aaliya would be caught until a last minute miracle made her escape the crime scene easily.

While, the trio has been trying their best to expose Tanu and Aaliya, they have been failing miserably. This nonstop chase is not just dragging the serial on and on but also irritating us. However, now that Nikhil is back in the track interfering in Tanu’s life, we hope him to do a mistake. Yes, a mistake that can expose his relationship with Tanu

Nikhil and Abhi are coming face to face often

Not once Abhi and Nikhil have come face to face twice. When Nikhil gets to know that the pregnant Tanu is hospitalized, he rushes towards her to see her condition. In the hospital he comes face to face of Abhi. Abhi is surprised to see him in the hospital as he was supposed to be out of station. Next, Abhi catches him lying but Nikhil somehow convinces why he is in town.

kumkum bhagya abhi nikhil Kumkum Bhagya: Will Nikhil’s Mistake Expose Tanu and Aaliya?

Nikhil is now Even Entering Abhi’s House

While earlier he used to hide and come, now Nikhil is coming in front of everybody. Agreed he had an excuse but we cannot miss the fact that his guts have increased. He is openly coming to meet Tanu by making some or the other excuse. Going by the current scenario we expect that Pragya, Daadi and Bulbul might get enough hints and clues about Nikhil. What’s more, the moment Nikhil does a mistake, the trio can easily trap Tanu. If Tanu is trapped it won’t be difficult to get hold of Aaliya as well.

kumkum bhagya nikhil Kumkum Bhagya: Will Nikhil’s Mistake Expose Tanu and Aaliya?

Abhi Has Invited Nikhil for the Dussehra Festival

It seems that finally Pragya, Daadi and Bulbul will get a clue to get to their destination. The reason being Abhi has invited Nikhil in the Ram Leela festival that is being organized by Pragya. And if Nikhil comes, we are sure he’ll try his best to get close to Tanu. No wonder he will be seen constantly revolving around Tanu and try to be touchy touchy with her. Interestingly, we need to see whether Abhi hears their conversation – The convo where Tanu will unknowingly reveal the truth from her own mouth in front of Abhi. If this happens, it will make the serial interesting like before. However, we doubt because this serial Kumkum Bhagya loves taking its fans for a ride.

nikhil kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Nikhil’s Mistake Expose Tanu and Aaliya?

However, we are still determined that –

Nikhil’s Mistake will Expose Tanu and Reveal Her NASTY truth in Front of Everybody

Its been ages since Nikhil’s track has been introduced in the serial. It is neither ending nor moving forward. We hope this time it will be done if Pragya ensures that Nikhil makes some mistake. No sooner will he commit mistake than Abhi will get clues, and he himself can comprehend the rest of the reality. If Tanu is exposed it won’t take much time to expos Aaliya and Raj.

tanu kumkum bhaya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Nikhil’s Mistake Expose Tanu and Aaliya?

This is the reason we want Nikhil to commit some or the other mistake in Kumkum Bhagya so that Tanu is exposed royally in front of Abhi and the family.

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