Will Pragya ever know about Tanu’s reality in Kumkum Bhagya?

Now that Aaliya is out of Pragya’s way, her next target is Tanu and Raj in Kumkum Bhagya. However, in spite of trying her best Pragya is not able to solve the mystery of these two companions of Aaliya.  Yes, neither Pragya is getting to know who the real father of Tanu’s child is, nor is she able to find Raj’s connection with Aaliya.

pragya kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Nikhil Reveal Tanu’s Truth? Will Pragya Expose Tanu?

Will Pragya Find Tanu and Nikhil’s connection?

Pragya is trying to scare Tanu so that she gets a hint about her boyfriend. However, Tanu is playing safe and even manipulating Abhi. In fact, the girl is instigating Abhi against Pragya. This is the reason why Abhi wants to marry Tanu soon and even want to start his new family. What’s more, he doesn’t want Pragya to interfere in his life. This is the reason why he tells Pragya that though he knows Tanu is behind his money, he is marrying her because she is carrying his child.

29 1430308551 kumkum bhagya pragya believes tanu pregnant with abhis child Kumkum Bhagya: Will Nikhil Reveal Tanu’s Truth? Will Pragya Expose Tanu?

Now that Abhi is in hurry to marry Tanu we feel that Pragya will try all her means to get through the root of the problem. Perhaps her blackmailing over the phone might get her some hints as to who is Tanu’s boyfriend. We do think that this time Pragya will surely know Nikhil’s connection. Nikhil we believe will surely commit mistake which would give some hints to Pragya.

Or Will Nikhil Reveal Tanu’s Truth Himself?

Nikhil isn’t happy that Tanu is going too close to Abhi. He was highly pissed to see them together especially when Tanu revealed her feelings for Abhi saying that she loves her. When Nikhil confronted her regarding the same, she diverted the topic saying she is only playing games with Abhi. Though Nikhil believes her, he is irritated that Tanu is going close to Abhi.

kumkum bhagya nikhil Kumkum Bhagya: Will Nikhil Reveal Tanu’s Truth? Will Pragya Expose Tanu?

Perhaps his insecurity and Tanu’s selfishness will make Nikhil speak out everything about him and Tanu or you never know if a third person especially Pragya will hear them talk about the khichdi they have been preparing from long. Also, there are chances that Nikhil himself might reveal things to Pragya if he suspects Tanu of cheating him. Going by the situation if things are not good between him and Tanu, there are chances that he might reveal the truth only to get back Tanu in his life. No wonder, Nikhil is really in love with Tanu unlike Tanu who acts to love everybody only for her own selfish reasons.

Hope Nikhil do the honors soon. If not, we just hope Pragya becomes a Sherlock Holmes and know the truth soon.  Besides, she also has to find the other person involved with AALIYA. Will she be able to find? Well, only time will tell….

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