Pragya is asking  for divorce from her husband Abhi, the rockstar in Kumkum Bhagya. Know why this move is both dumb and smart at the same time!

Welcome to the sets of Kumkum Bhagya! The story so far – Pragya has finally asked for divorce because she thinks only she can save her pati parmeshwar rockstar Abhi Mehra from badnaami. Like the tyical Bahu-beti of Ekta Kapoor serial, now she is all set to sacrifice her happiness. 

abh pragya romance kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya : Pragya is Acting Dumb Smart by Asking Divorce

However, I’m yet to understand why is she taking such a dumb step.

Yes, Dumb step, not because she is asking for divorce. But, the reason of divorce is dumb. Pragya is aware that the MMS was made up by Tanu, Aaliya and Mitali Bhabhi. Why on earth, will they take such a drastic step of leaking the MMS on Internet. They might hate Pragya, but they love Abhi. So, the very thought of thinking that the MMS will leak and destroy Abhi’s career and fame is nothing but being dumb.

pragya abhi divorce Kumkum Bhagya : Pragya is Acting Dumb Smart by Asking Divorce

But, asking for divorce at this momet is a smart move!

Yes smart, because her hardcore enemies are in bliss by the news. They are relaxed and are not racking their useless brain for the next move. This means Pragya can now easily connect the dots, try to find all the evidence with the help of Purab & Aakash and ultimately prove her innocence in front of Abhi.

But, Is the Ride Going to be Smooth?

Of course not! Abhi is in a confused state of mind who is thining hard why Pragya is giving him divorce so easily. In addition, his ego is in pain. The reason? Well, when every other girl wants and desires Abhi, the rockstar, his wife doesn’t want him at all. Will he now realize his love for  Pragya? Well, only time will tell.

tumblr nfmi3n8dUs1te722eo2 250 Kumkum Bhagya : Pragya is Acting Dumb Smart by Asking Divorce

Right now, Abhi is in Counter Sacrifice Mode

Yes, counter sacrifice mode! Since, Pragya, herself is asking him divorce. He wants Pragya to marry Suresh, her love. While Pragya is reluctant, the irritating Suresh is all ready and set to marry Pragya! Yes, Suresh, who once rejected Pragya now wants to marry Pragya.

Why Is Suresh Ready to Marry Pragya?

Looks like it is some sort of plan running in their head because Suresh knows that Pragya loves Abhi. However, if Suresh is ready to marry Pragya, only because she is in fix, then CV’s get ready for hate mails as now it is really hard to tolerate the seedha sadha yet most irritating Suresh. Or is Suresh in love with Pragya? CVs, not again!

kumkum 3 Kumkum Bhagya : Pragya is Acting Dumb Smart by Asking Divorce

In any case, it will help Abhi in realizing his love for Pragya

Seeing Suresh ready for marriage, Abhi is ought to go on a jealous mode. Hearing Suresh’s proposal, even the three musketeers Mitali-Tanu-Aaliya will be clueless. This makes a good twist in Kumkum Bhagya where not just the character, even the audience would be thinking, and thinking what will happen next.

I only hope, that this twist has pleasant outcome, unlike blunders like all the typical Ekta Kapoor serials where there are multiple marriages and multiple divorces. Sincerely hoping that Kumkum Bhagya is left alone from all these signature style of Balaji Telefilms.

What do you think?

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