Will Aaliya and Tanu try to fail Pragya in her mission in the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya?

Earlier we thought Pragya is the only one who is planning against Tanu and Aaliya in Kumkum Bhagya until we got to know that Dadi too is involved. Soon, it was revealed that the whole ‘thing’ is planned by dadi dearest to expose Tanu and Aaliya in front of Abhi. However, just when everything was going in a right direction, Pragya did a mistake by showing her soft side towards Abhi. This has made Aaliya suspicious and now she has enough proof that Pragya still loves Abhi.

kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Pragya and Dadi’s Plan Fail?

Will Aaliya Know the Reality of Pragya’s Plan?

Aaliya has sensed that Pragya is in love with Abhi after she released him from jail when the police caught Abhi instead of Tanu. She will now try to dig into the matter completely. No wonder, she will share the news with her partner in crime Raj who will further try to get into the details. Looks like Aaliya might come to know what Pragya is upto though it is still doubtful whether or not she will know about Dadi’s involvement in the plan.

Aaliya along with Tanu and Raj will create problems for Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya can never run in a straight path so we expect Aaliya to create lot of problems for Pragya. We expect Pragya suffering at the hands of Aaliya. However, this time we expect Abhi to save Pragya and also know about Aaliya’s reality without any explanation from Pragya or anybody. What’s more, even Aaliya tries to use her evil plan we hope Pragya gets to know the real face of Raj who is trying to snatch all of Abhi’s property from him.

tanu aaliya mitali bhabhi kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Pragya and Dadi’s Plan Fail?

Will Aaliya Triumph in Failing Pragya and Dadi’s plan this time in Kumkum Bhagya?

In yesterday’s episode we saw how Dadi is not happy with Pragya as she rescued Abhi from a problem. While, Dadi is angry, Pragya assures her that she will indeed solve this puzzle and expose both Tanu and Aaliya. While, they are clueless if somebody is listening to them, they hear someone clapping from the door.

It is highly expected that the person clapping at the door would not be Aaliya or Tanu but Pragya’s own sister Bulbul who is still clueless why her sister is behaving in such a way. If you remember she had mentioned that she will talk to Dadi and come. This makes us believe that Bulbul will hear everything and know about her sister’s reality.

dadi pragya kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Pragya and Dadi’s Plan Fail?

We hope that Pragya and dadi will then involve Bulbul in her plan who will further share everything with Purab. Now since Purab took care of everything in the office before, he will ensure that he takes up the office matters and get into the bottom of the problem.

So, even if Aaliya and Raj get to know that Pragya is acting and still loves Abhi, they would not be able to fight against the combined team of Pragya and Daadi which will also involve Purab and Bulbul. Moreover, you never know if Abhi too comes to know about the issue and keeps on acting as if he supports Aaliya.

We just hope the drama ends and AbhiGya unite soon!

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