After Pragya’s engagement with Suresh will she marry her in KumKum Bhagya or leave him for Bulbul?

The Background of KumKum Bhagya

Pragya loves Suresh but Suresh loves his younger sister Bulbul. However, Bulbul is not at all Suresh’s types and so when he approaches her on several occasions everybody thinks Suresh loves Pragya. The confusion increases episode by episode in KumKum Bhagya and finally, Suresh ends up putting the engagement ring in Pragya’s finger.

KumKum Bhagya Engagement KumKum Bhagya: Will Pragya Marry Suresh or Fall in Love with Abhi?

Pragya Realizes Suresh Loves Bulbul and not her

Later, after the engagement ritual is all done, Pragya goes in Suresh’s room and to her surprise finds Bulbul’s photo in his diary along with the love notes. Pragya then talks to Suresh and expresses her distress to him. The two cry together. The next day when they reach college everybody congratulates them. Suresh is not able to face Pragya anymore. Pragya, however, being a nice girl consoles Suresh. I wonder, if girls like Pragya really exists in today’s world.

Suresh Bulbul KumKum Bhagya: Will Pragya Marry Suresh or Fall in Love with Abhi?

What will happen next in KumKum Bhagya?

Now that everybody knows that Suresh and Pragya are engaged, chances are Suresh will marry Pragya forgetting his love for Bulbul because being a nice guy, he cannot see his family or Pragya’s family in pain. Also, he is well-versed that Bulbul will never love a person like him.

Besides, his chances of coming close to Bulbul looks even more slim as he will ditch his sister. But as far as my presumption is concerned, I think, Suresh will neither get Pragya nor Bulbul because Pragya now won’t marry Suresh and Suresh even in his wild dreams cannot get Bulbul.

Abhi, The Rockstar

Going by the news, Pragya’s hero in the serial is Abhi  but the two as of now have only met twice and that too as a stranger. In addition, both of them are extremely opposites. Now, since we know opposite attracts and the greatest love story in the Indian Television industry has always been of the two opposite natured people – I only wonder how and when will Pragya fall for Abhi or will it be vice versa?

KumKum Bhagya Pragya Abhi KumKum Bhagya: Will Pragya Marry Suresh or Fall in Love with Abhi?

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