Will Pragya Propose Abhi And keep up the challenge of Bulbul Or will Tanu and Ali once again spoil her plans? Know the upcoming track in Kumkum Bhagya!

Lohri is around the corner in Kumkum Bhagya, and Pragya is all set to propose Abhi, her husband. However, the question remains, will Pragya take up Bulbul and Purab’s challenge and speak up in front of Abhi? Because, elsewhere Alia is all set to hook up Tanu with Abhi, and she looks in a hurry too.

Alia is determined to Help Tanu

Although Tanu managed to spoil Pragya’s chance of winning Abhi’s heart by running a scissor on Abhi’s coat, she failed twice – Once, during the changing room incident where Abhi kissed Pragya and once during her own birthday celebration where she spoilt Abhi’s mood. Remember, she tripped because of Bulbul and then when Abhi came to wipe off the cake on her face, she started cribbing

alia tanu kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Will Pragya Propose Abhi Amid Tanu Alias Evil Plans?

So, going by the fight, looks like Bulbul has won 2 sets and Tanu has won only 1. Now the question is, Will Tanu beat Bulbul and draw the game or will Bulbul take the lead from hereon. Aliya looks determined now as she is planning to ruin Pragya’s Lohri mood. She is all set to ensure that, Tanu and not Pragya would take pheras with Abhi around Lohri. – 

Will Alia succeed in her plan? 

Well, going by the spoilers it seems that Abhi and Pragya will take the pheras, but do you think Alia and Tanu will not take a revenge for their failure. Well, I’m sure they would. Perhaps, after the incident they would try to create hurdle again between Abhi and Pragya. After all, Alia said she’ll make sure Abhi takes Pheras with Tanu, and not Pragya around Lohri.

alia kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Will Pragya Propose Abhi Amid Tanu Alias Evil Plans?

Pragya Cannot be Underestimated

Though Pragya looks weak and not ready to propose Abhi, she cannot be underestimated. Maybe, this incident proves to be a twist in her love life – You never know if she runs into Abhi and declare her love for him, in an instant, shocking everybody, perhaps even herself.

13 kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Will Pragya Propose Abhi Amid Tanu Alias Evil Plans?

Nevertheless, she has to do it. It is not just a challenge, but her future – her future is at stake. If she doesn’t propose, Abhi will never know about her feelings and Tanu might somehow drag Abhi towards her, spoiling Pragya’s chance to win her own husband. Besides, she is well aware that Tanu has challenged Bulbul that in three days she will separate Abhi from Pragya.

Bulbul and Purab Are All Set to Help Pragya

Even if Pragya fails in her task, Bulbul and Purab will be constantly nagging Pragya to say it out loud. Looks like Bulbul will not leave Pragya until she finishes the task successfully. So, if Alia and Tanu are ready, Pragya is no less for the upcoming competition. In addition, you never know if Abhi himself can act as a catalyst to ease Pragya’s task!

purab bulbul kumkum bhagya KumKum Bhagya : Will Pragya Propose Abhi Amid Tanu Alias Evil Plans?

What will be Abhi’s reaction? Well, for that, we’ll have to wait and watch. Stay tuned! 

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