Pragya has met with an accident – Will she now Lose Her Memory & Return to Spoil Tanu – Aaliya’s Plan in Kumkum bhagya?

Pragya has learnt the truth about Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya. She knows Tanu is pregnant but she is not carrying Abi’s baby but somebody else’s baby. However, just when she is about to inform Abhi she meets with an accident.

kumkum bhagya pragya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Pragya Lose Her Memory & Return to Spoil Tanu – Aaliya’s Plan?

Now the question is –

Kumkum Bhagya : Will Pragya Lose Her Memory?

In a typical Ekta Kapoor serial when a protagonist knows everything and is ready to expose the antagonist, he/she either meets with an accident, loses his/her memory or dies only to come back later to take revenge. However, in Kumkum Bhagya now that Pragya has met with an accident and her vampish avatar is shown in the teasers, one can only guess that Pragya will act as if she has lost her memory just like Ishani of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi.

kumkum bhagya pragya latest Kumkum Bhagya: Will Pragya Lose Her Memory & Return to Spoil Tanu – Aaliya’s Plan?

It is clear that she will not lose her memory but will act as if she remembers nothing at all. This is enough to trouble Tanu and her evil plans. In addition, Pragya can also save Abhi from all her enemies including Aaliya and Raj who have joined hands to ruin Abhi’s career, finances and his life.

Will She Expose Aaliya and Raj?

If she enters the Mehra house in a vampish avatar, she will surely try to know what is going in Aaliya and Raj’s. What’s more, in the teasers we saw that Pragya listens to Aaliya and Raj’s plan. This means she will surely enter the Mehra house in Kumkum Bhagya to expose both Aaliya and Tanu’s master plan, and in a way also try to help Abhi from falling into Tanu and Aaliya’s trap.

kumkum bhagya aaliya1 Kumkum Bhagya: Will Pragya Lose Her Memory & Return to Spoil Tanu – Aaliya’s Plan?

So, Pragya Will Definitely Stop Abhi and Tanu’s Marriage

In such a scenario Pragya along with her well-wisher will definitely somehow or the other stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. What’s more, Pragya will surely get into the bottom of Tanu’s pregnancy and try to find out who is the father of Tanu’s child. Once she gets to know that it is none other than Nikhil, it is obvious she will join hands with Nikhil to expose Tanu. Nikhil too will happily become Pragya’s right hand as he too doesn’t want this marriage.

sriti jha kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Will Pragya Lose Her Memory & Return to Spoil Tanu – Aaliya’s Plan?

As far as Aaliya and Raj are concerned, you never know if Rachna and her husband will keep a watch on Aaliya and Raj in Kumkum Bhagya. If they join hands with Pragya, it is quite possible that soon the trio will expose Raj and Aaliya’s plan. Once, everything is exposed it would be interesting to see Abhi and Pragya reuniting without any pressure and difficulties.

We hope even daadi and other members of the family who consider Pragya a lot can help her with her goal of catching the culprits red-handed. It would be interesting to see Pragya in a bold and in a vampish avatar. Hope her getup is enough to create a terror.

Tanu and Aaliya you better watch out as Pragya is all set to ruin all your evil plans soon… Kumkum Bhagya fans what is your opinion? What will happen next? Will Pragya really lose her memory or will she just pretend?

Image Source: Zee TV

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