Now that Abhi is happy with Pragya, and Alia too has accepted the fact that Purab can never be hers, will Tanu try to separate Abhi & Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya

In Kumkum Bhagya  none of the party in Abhi’s house can ever end without the Arora family getting embarrassed for no fault of theirs! For instance, let’s take yesterday’s example – Everything was going fine, and then the seedha sadha Suresh unexpectedly created a scene after Tanu made him drink alcohol.

kumkum bhagya tanu Kumkum Bhagya: Will Tanu Create Misunderstandings Between Abhi and Pragya?

Tanu who had nothing to do in the party smartly utilized the right time by compelling Suresh to drink alcohol. She knew this would charge up Suresh, who would then go and propose Bulbul in front of everyone.

As planned, a drunk Suresh, not only disclosed his feelings for Bulbul in front of everybody but even explained his ‘prem gatha‘ to Sarla and everybody present in the party.

Now going by the current scenario in Kumkum Bhagya – don’t you think, Tanu will not leave any chance to separate Abhi and Pragya by creating misunderstandings between them?

Tanu is All Alone Now, She has neither Alia nor Mitali

Earlier, Tanu had hopes that one day Alia will somehow make Abhi marry her. However, now that Alia has completely changed, Tanu knows no one will help her. In fact, Tanu got shock of her life when her dear friend Alia asked her to distance herself from Abhi. Another shocking surprise was Mitali bhabhi who advised Tanu to forget Abhi.

kumkum bhagya tanu alia Kumkum Bhagya: Will Tanu Create Misunderstandings Between Abhi and Pragya?

In such circumstances, it is apparent that Tanu (like before) will plot some game to create a rift between Abhi and Pragya. No wonder, without Alia’s support, Tanu now knows that, ‘only she can help herself.’

Abhi is Busy Engrossed in his Chashmish, I mean Fuggy!

Though Abhi hated Pragya in the start, he is now drawn towards her like a magnet. He might not know whether he is in love with Pragya, but it is clear that he wants to live with Pragya and enjoy their small fights. Tanu is seeing this change in Abhi and so like yesterday, she would not leave any chance to divert Abhi’s attention from Pragya. You never know if she plans MMS part 2 or yet another plan to kill Bulbul/Pragya.

abhi pragya romance Kumkum Bhagya: Will Tanu Create Misunderstandings Between Abhi and Pragya?

There was buzz that Tanu will become Pregnant

If you remember few months back, there was buzz around Kumkum Bhagya that Tanu will get pregnant. Now that most of the Balaji Telefilms’ have this ‘Fake pregnancy’ concept somewhere in the track, you never know if Tanu comes up with her own story – ‘Mai Abhi Ke Bache Ki Maa  Banne Waali Hun.’ It isn’t that hard – Get Abhi drunk like she made Suresh drunk, compel him to stay overnight at her place and after few episodes scream, “I’m pregnant!”

kumkum bhagya tanu abhi Kumkum Bhagya: Will Tanu Create Misunderstandings Between Abhi and Pragya?

Let’s see what Tanu is  up to now – Will she became a typical vamp of Ekta Kapoor serial or will she get hooked with somebody else…

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!

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