Welcome to the new spoiler alert in Kumkum Bhagya – Tanu will be expecting Abhi’s child !

Pragya has been removed from Abhi’s house in Kumkum Bhagya. While, Aaliya is still alone, it seems that Tanu has got her Abhi back. Quite happy, she is now planning to marry Abhi soon. But, will it be possible? Well, it may be or may be not – After all everything is in the hands of that uparwalla sitting at the top position of Balaji Telefilms. Who knows what Ekta maiya has in her minds?


kumkum bhagya tanu pregnant KumKum Bhagya Spoiler Alert : Tanu To Get Pregnant !

According to the birdie’s from the KumKum Bhagya set, there is something interesting. It seems that soon Tanu will be pregnant. Yes, the bitch who have been conspiring against Pragya from day one will be seen getting pregnant.

Will It Be Abhi’s Child?

Well since Tanu loves Abhi and Abhi has been going around with her, it will be most likely his child. However, being a smart chick, I don’t think so she can risk her modelling career and become pregnant. It will be most probably her trick to lure Abhi. A strategy that will help her to get Abhi back, and even get rid of Pragya completely.

kumkum bhagya abhi tanu KumKum Bhagya Spoiler Alert : Tanu To Get Pregnant !

The lady would not think twice before taking such a drastic step. If she could falsify facts earlier then she can do anything in the future as well. Pragya was right when she mentioned that, a girl like Tanu can go to any heights to get her work done. Such people do not know the meaning of love, they only know how to use people for their benefit.

Will she Be Pretending That She is Pregnant of Abhi’s Child?

Tanu is the most insecure character in Kumkum Bhagya. At every occasion, she  fear losing her Abhi to Pragya. According to the sources, Sarla will get heart attack seeing Pragya home. Also, Bulbul seeing all the pain of her family  will marry Suresh so that Purab marries Aaliya.

kumkum bhagya tanu abhi pragya KumKum Bhagya Spoiler Alert : Tanu To Get Pregnant !

So, Suresh marries Bulbul, Purab marries Aaliya. This sacrifice of Bulbul and Pragya obviously won’t be neglected by Abhi and her daadi. Abhi would then take care of Sarla and even bring Pragya back home (who knows). This would irk Tanu big time and so to get her Abhi back by hook or by crook she would act that she is pregnant. To gain attention from Abhi so that he forcefully have to be with her anyhow.

Aha, pure drama. Looks like we will see Pavitra Rishta Part 2 here !

Or Will It be Someone Else’s Child?

Since it is an Indian TV serial it is quite possible. However, going by the current track, it doesn’t seem that Tanu went out with any another guy. But, it is surely possible if Balaji Telefilms decides to launch a new actor. You see anything and everything is possible in TV serial, especially when it comes from Balaji Telefilms.

The future of Kumkum Bhagya seems to give us lot of twists and turns. Watch the space we shall keep on updating you for more gossip!

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