Kumkum Bhagya Latest Update: Tanu lost the baby in the accident

Pragya could escape from Nikhil’s trap along with Pari in Kumkum Bhagya. While, Pragya seems to be free, looks like a new angle is all set to trouble her once again. And this time Abhi too will not stand along with her.

Yes, Tanu will play yet another victim card in Kumkum Bhagya and this time she will stoop very low crossing every limit.

Tanu  Plans to Murder Pragya 

Pragya drops Pari safely at Dr. Sheila’s house. Pari thanks her and even promise Pragya that she will expose Tanu (Leela Jumani) in front of Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia). Pari also prays to God that everything becomes alright in Pragya’s life.

tanu kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya Update: Tanu loses her baby

Meanwhile, the wicked Tanu and Nikhil wait outside Dr. Sheila’s house in a car. The duo see Pragya waiting for an auto. Next, Nikhil calls goons and ask them to kidnap Pragya all over again. However, Tanu has a change of plan. She doesn’t want Pragya to be kidnapped, she wants to kill her to get rid of her forever. Nikhil gets shocked on hearing Tanu’s plan but she convinces him to murder her.

Tanu’s Plan Backfires Her in Kumkum Bhagya

When Nikhil mentions the hindrance of killing by mentioning that there are so many people here, Tanu affirms that it’s now or never. Nikhil agrees. He speeds up his car and Tanu starts day dreaming her life with Abhi post Pragya’s death. She imagines how she will stay happily with Abhi and get all his money.

kumkum bhagya tanu images Kumkum Bhagya Update: Tanu loses her baby

Next, Pragya sees a car coming her way. She suddenly recalls the promise given to Abhi that no matter what she will never leave him at any cost. And so just when Nikhil comes in full speed to hit her, she quickly jumps on to the other side. However, Nikhil loses his control over the breaks and bangs his car into a tree.

Pragya Decides to Save Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya sees the car and immediately decides to save Tanu. She takes Tanu to the hospital. However, the nurses there refuse to admit an injured Tanu in the hospital as it’s a police case. Pragya insists them and somehow makes them understand by saying that she is 8 months pregnant. Doctor agrees to treat her. When Nurse ask about the accident, Pragya says  that Nikhil lost control over the car.

kumkum bhagya pragya  Kumkum Bhagya Update: Tanu loses her baby

Next, Tanu is taken inside the hospital. Abhi’s sister Aaliya is worried hearing Pragya’s voice on Tanu’s cell phone. She immediately decides to call Nikhil who then tells her about the accident and even mentions how his baby is in danger all because of him. She asks him to calm down and also tells him that it is not the time to get emotional but to act practically.

Aaliya immediately calls Abhi as a receptionist and tells him about Tanu’s condition. He  rushes to the hospital with Dadi and other people of the family. Seeing Abhi in the hospital, Tanu starts acting. She cries inconsolably and tells Abhi how she doesn’t want to live anymore. She even tries rather acts to kill herself but Abhi somehow stops her.

Tanu put the blames on Pragya. Let us see what will happen next in Kumkum  Bhagya.

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