Kumud in her quest to find truth about Guman reaches old Bazar. There she is trappped by Guman’s pal in a kotha. Will Saraswatichandra come to rescue her?

In yet another twist and turn of events in SaraswatiChandra, it seems that Kumud has straight away landed from her home to a kotha. Wondering how? Well, the chic had gone to Chandni Bazar so that she could dig into the past of Guman, her mother-in-law.

While, she did succeed in her mission of grasping all the available information of her mother-in-law who once danced and performed mujra, she is trapped by a woman called Sunanda who happens to be Guman’s old friend.

kumud saraswatichandra Kumud forced for Mujra in a Kotha   Will SaraswatiChandra Rescue Her?

Sunanda locks up Kumud and forces her to dance in front of her customer. The scene takes me back into the 70s movie where we had several feature films concentrating on forced prostitution, giving me an awkward thought along with a feeling of disgust.

On the other hand the entire family is worried about Kumud and searching her everywhere from taxi stand to railway station and even filing a missing complaint in police station.The cruel Guman knows everything about Kumud since her friend Sunanda calls her up and tells her about Kumud’s captivity but she refrains from revealing any detail. The women she is, why would she leave such a golden opportunity of removing Kumud permanently from her life.

Saras is really worried and so is Danny and others. But, even the police officers are not able to trace Kumud. Kumud meanwhile repents her decision of lying to Saras and cries out in frustration, making the audiences wonder when how and what change of events will bring Kumud out of this hell. Will Saras find her or will Kabir manage to extract the truth from Guman?

By: Deepti Verma

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