Know exactly what happened during the Karna – Kunti meeting in Mahabharat war

The relationship between Kunti and Karna is very different. They are the most unfortunate mother-son duo! No Karna wants a mother like Kunti and no Kunti would ever want an illegitimate son. This is the reason why their meeting just before the Mahabharat war when Kunti met Karna was so painful.

Kunti was solely responsible for Karna’s fateful life but she couldn’t be held responsible for it completely. After all, Kunti was a young girl and that too unmarried when she committed such a huge mistake. Besides, all human make mistakes in their life, Karna was no exception.

surya putra karna When Kunti Met Karna before the Mahabharat War

Today, we share few important moments from their very first meeting as mother and son.

Kunti Wanted Karna to Join Pandavas

Ahead of their meeting, Kunti knew that Karna is her son – The same son whom she had abandoned when he was born out of wedlock post she got a boon from Sage Durvasa. The boon was to invoke any god to bear a child. Kunti then invoked Surya god and Karna was born. However, fearing societal woes she covered the baby in a cloth and set him afloat on a river.

gautam rode karna When Kunti Met Karna before the Mahabharat War

Years later, Kunti met Karna ahead of the Mahabharat war in her desperate attempt to keep all her children alive. She then asked Karna to join Pandavas. However, Karna refused her offer. No wonder, he was loyal to Duryodhana and would have never betrayed him in any circumstances. After all, he was the one who had supported him when almost everybody made fun of his caste and status.

Kunti Extracted a Couple of Promises from Karna

Kunti knew that Karna would want to kill Arjuna in the war. This is the reason why she came to Karna to seek his help. Post Kunti’s request and concern, Karna promised her that he will not kill any of the Pandavas except Arjuna and even with Arjuna he vowed that he would not use the same celestial weapon twice.

mahabharat karna indra When Kunti Met Karna before the Mahabharat War

Karna’s Request to Kunti

Karna wasn’t ready to join Pandavas in the Mahabharat war. However, he ensured his mother that he won’t kill any of his brothers. In addition, he made a strange request to his mother and that is to keep the secret hidden till the war. He told his mother to disclose the fact only after the end of the war. Kunti did as per the wishes of Karna.

karna 1 When Kunti Met Karna before the Mahabharat War

Karna Promised Kunti that Post the War, she would still have 5 sons

During the meeting Karna said that no matter what the circumstances are Kunti will have 5 sons – The fifth son will be either Arjun or Karna. He ensured her that he will not kill any of his son. This is the reason why Karna left all the Pandava brothers except Arjuna.

karna wife When Kunti Met Karna before the Mahabharat War

Kunti Stayed in the Kaurava Camp

Despite supporting her sons, Kunti decided to stay with her sister-in-law Gandhari during the Kurikshetra war. Post the war, she went into exile with her brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Karna Kunti Mahabharat When Kunti Met Karna before the Mahabharat War

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