Jodha Akbar serial – Laboni has now turned into a soul and troubling both, Jodha and Akbar. Will Jodha be successful in getting rid of her soon?

The witch Laboni is not ready to leave Jodha and Akbar in Zee TV‘s Jodha Akbar serial. Obsessed for Akbar, she has now trapped Jodha’s body with her tantric power. The magician in the form of an aatma (soul) is even talking to Jodha. However, only Jodha can see her and hear her. This is making Jodha go insane as the bitch is constantly threatening the Begum-e-Hind to snatch her husband Jalal from her.

laboni jodha zee tv Jodha Akbar: How Will Laboni Leave Jodha and Akbar?

Laboni Is Trying to Get Intimate with Jalal through Jodha

Laboni tried to get intimate at several occasions with Jalal, but she failed each time. Neither her tantra mantra could attract Jalal towards her nor her mom’s super powers created any magic. Each of their plans failed miserably due to Jodha’s love and belief in God. It was because of Jodha, Laboni’s mystical powers had zero effect on Jalal.

jodha akbar laboni Jodha Akbar: How Will Laboni Leave Jodha and Akbar?

However, now that she has turned into soul and can enter Jodha’s body, she has threatened Jodha that from now on it will be her (Laboni) who shall spend time with her Jalal in the night. What’s more, the witch entered in Jodha’s body, amused Jalal by going wild, and got intimate with him. While, Laboni enjoyed Jalal’s company, Jalal was shocked to see such a different avatar of Jodha. Nevertheless, since he thinks it was Jodha only, he enjoyed the night. Poor Jodha is helpless as she cannot reveal that it wasn’t her, but the evil Laboni.

Jodha is Clueless How to Expose Laboni

Jodha who now knows about the black magic of Laboni is really confused as to how to disclose the reality of Laboni. Although it is not that difficult to approach Jalal, but she fears about the negative effect it might have on Akbar.

laboni in jodha akbar Jodha Akbar: How Will Laboni Leave Jodha and Akbar?

Nevertheless, the witch Laboni has warned Jodha that if she reveals anything about her, she would kill Akbar forever with the help of her black magic. It is this blackmailing of Laboni that is restricting Jodha from revealing the truth of Laboni to Jalal. Yes, in spite of knowing the entire truth, Jodha is helpless.

Jodha’s Tongue Will Now Speak Laboni’s Language Just like Hoshyar Khan

In the coming episodes, we shall see how Laboni has completely taken over not just Jodha’s body but also her mouth. Jodha will now speak badly in front of Ruqaiyah Begum just like Hoshyar Khan. While, Ruqaiyah had the liberty to hit her servant, we wonder what will be Ruqaiyah’s reaction when Jodha will talk to her rudely and curse her constantly as she won’t have any control over her tongue.

ruqaiya begum jodha akbar Jodha Akbar: How Will Laboni Leave Jodha and Akbar?

Jodha Akbar Serial : Where Is This Leading To?

Will the tantric help in decoding the Laboni mystery and help in freeing Jodha or will Jodha continue to suffer from Laboni’s soul? While, it is both funny, and scary to see such a thing on Indian TV, we just hope the suspense of Laboni is soon revealed so that the two love birds Jodha Akbar reunite together without a third angle. Ruqaiyah Begum is enough to be the third angle, isn’t it?

jodha akbar laboni photos Jodha Akbar: How Will Laboni Leave Jodha and Akbar?

Now since Laboni has done enough damage and has got a lot of coverage, we hope the makers of Jodha Akbar end her chapter as soon as possible!

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