Latest Swaragini spoiler – Lakshya will surrender himself to the cops for murdering Swaragini

In the serial Swaragini, everything is going against the Maheshwaris. The one so powerful family has become a topic of fun and entertainment in Kolkata. It looks like this will continue until and unless Kavya stays in the house of Maheshwari and continues with her antics.

No wonder, the lady is doing her best to get her revenge from the Maheshwari family. And for this, she can got to any extent. Yes, the girl is all set to.punish the family members.

However, there is a huge twist in this plot and that is quite shocking. Well, buzz is that –

lakshya kavya swaragini Lakshya to Murder Kavya and Confess His Crime?

Lakshya Maheshwari Will Call Police to Arrest the Maheshwari Family Members!

In the coming episodes of Swaragini, there will be a pooja at the Maheshwari house. This is exactly when Kavya’s saree will catch fire. Though Lakshya will save her at the right time, the lady will accuse each and every member of the Maheshwari house.

lucky lakshya maheshwari Lakshya to Murder Kavya and Confess His Crime?


Lakshya along with Kavya will hold everybody responsible for this act. Worst, he will also call the cops after this incident. The police will come at the spot, and arrest all the members of the Maheshwari family including the ladies of the Maheshwari family. All the ladies will be put behind bars.

This is exactly when Swara will come and narrate Kavya’s past deeds to the police. Post this, they will release all the lady members of the family. However, the men will still be in the lock-up.

Lakshya Will Later Confess to Kavya’s Murder

Further, Lakshya will make a shocking confession. Yes, in a sudden twist in Swaragini, it will be seen that Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will confess to Kavya’s murder. Yes, it will be shown that Kavya is murdered and Lakshya will surrender himself to the police.

laksh swaragini Lakshya to Murder Kavya and Confess His Crime?

Interestingly, Lakshya will also apologise to each and every member of the family. Everybody in the Maheshwari family will be shocked by Laksh’s confession. Besides, there will be no evidence or proof of Kavya’s death. Lakshya will also act as a robot in Swaragini.

Ragini To Fall For Kavya’s Brother

In our previous article, we had mentioned how Ragini is getting ready for another engagement. However, this engagement will be called off as the boy’s mother will see her old engagement ring on her finger and will start raising questions. This will apparently infuriate Daadi who will swear to get Ragini married in all the circumstances.

ragini swaragini Lakshya to Murder Kavya and Confess His Crime?

Lakshya will reportedly hear the news of Ragini’s engagement and feel bad that she is getting engaged.

Buzz is that, soon Ragini will fall for another guy in Swaragini, and this boy will be none other than Kavya’s brother, Kartik. Though Kartik will enter as a negative character, he will eventuaaly turn positive. However, there is no confirmation of this news as of now.

Wondering why Lakshya is confessing the murder and even feeling sad about Ragini’s engagement. Looks, there is something cooking in Lakshya’s mind. Stay tuned and we shall update you about the same as soon as we have new and updated scoop on Swaragini spoilers.

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