Food for thought-How can rapes take a halt in a country where the ministers themselves play with the dignity of a woman?

India, oh, India

Isn’t a girl’s dignity your respect?

Isn’t a girl’s dignity a priority above your development?

Isn’t it hurting to witness your daughter’s dishonour every other day?

Isn’t it the time to do justice to your daughters?

Isn’t it your pride to do us proud?

India, oh, India

Yes, we’re those frozen voices

Accept all with no choices

For law-makers here are law-breakers

For ministers here are sinister

Being in silence is not our will

But what cannot the political power kill?

chaudhary lal singh Because He Was Minister, She Remained Tongue tied


Not much to the surprise broke the news of Jammu and Kashmir Minister Chaudhary Lal Singh’s hand touch on the unsettled collar of a woman doctor. For being considerate towards the esteem of girls has never been a concern in mucky politics of India.

Now what’s buzzing in the media is the girl’s speechlessness over the minister’s not-claimed-shameful act. Well, let me ask that which girl on the earth endures such permission-free physical intrusion? Seem this case may as a petty subject to discuss, for how does a not-so-mere male touch on collar demean a woman? Right? But media simply has to sew up a gossip. Had if ‘she’, the doctor (Dr.Gurmeet Kaur), spoken or hadn’t if she not spoken, media knows well how to cook up the story. But just tell me, had if she spoken, wouldn’t have the power of politics crushed her career? Correct me if the preceding words reflect falseness.

Only what happens in India is the downpour of reactive tweets.

Other than trending in twitter, will ever an Indian girl’s respect trend in the eyes of law?

By Prerna Daga

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