Lift up your standard, Lalu and don’t defend your ‘lift’.

BJP President Amit Shah and his other party-mates were stuck in the lift of a guest house in Patna for approximately 40 minutes. And what followed this mishap was the quite-expected tug of war between the Modi government and Nitish Kumar’s.

laloo prasad yadav Lalu’s Indecent Comment  “Bihar’s Lift Is not For Overweight Amit Shah”

It was 11.30 on Friday night when the lift carrying six including Amit refused to be mobile, hanging them amidst the floors for more than half an hour. What worsened the case was the hostility of guest house towards a man who loiters around with 24*7 z+ security.

When no feasible hope showed up, CRPF was asked to break the doors and pull them out.

The blame game thereon is on and will prevail more in the media, for Indian politics is the most skilled when it comes to obeying the idiom ‘make mountain out of mole’.

With no smidgen of shame, Lalu Prasad Yadav blurted out “Itna mota aadmi ko lift mein ghusna hi nhi chahiye, Bihar ka lift chhota chhota hai”.


Is this the standard of Indian politics? Would Lalu had mustered such despicable audacity to comment this way on some world leaders, had they been in the lift? If yes, then shame on Indian Politics which foster such disgraceful politicians under its umbrella.

My message to Indian politicians is that,” Don’t debate on the failed lift but lift up your political standard”.

By Prerna Daga

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