What else can be more painful than seeing a mother on the brink of her death but away from her beloved son? Terrorism does that to countless mothers.

I present here an abstract write up in context of the Harrowing Paris attacks.
A mother, who is struggling for her life , who has been through much ordeal in these attacks ,writes to her son who is far away for education.
Her last words are palpable and heartening to everyone.

paris Last Words From A Mother Shot By Terrorist

Dear Son,

I know you don’t like long letters but this is really important.  I am praying for your well being and long life.  Your absence makes me unhappy, So I decide to shed somethings off my chest and write them to you.  Keep all your wits by your side when you read this.

It was 9:00 pm on Friday 13th November.  I and your Grandmother were leaving for the ‘Bataclan Theater’ , an American band had its concert there and your Grandmother was raring to go.  I fail to comprehend, why is she so overwhelmed by such concerts because I really find them very pestering.  As we sneaked in the auditorium, We were introduced to this enormous crowd of rejoicing people and a wonderful ambiance.  It had drawn your Grandma ecstatic and I involuntarily had a smile on face.  Never had we analyzed that a playful evening like this would soon turn into the darkest hours of all our lives.

About an hour after the onset,  the audience were flying high  and had been turned on.  It was so positive and merry.  But soon the joyful cheers turned into a wild outcry.
We were perplexed….
I was looking frantically everywhere and a Gunfire stared.  Grandma was feeble, I saw her quivering, so we hid underneath the seats, but this place could’t be safe for long.
The theater was filled with chaos and anarchy, there was screeching all around.  The crowd had turned wild.  People ran directionless dragging their families out of danger.

I was scared !

They yelled in fright, in sorrow, in frustration.  They ran for their lives, crying, screaming, urging the gunmen to stop their brutalities.  But they shot mercilessly.  Parents lost their young children, lovers were separated, families were shattered.
I felt so small and insignificant, my countrymen were dying and I sat here hushed, keeping my head, weeping over the loss of others and fearing for my own.  I prayed to god who seemed to have turned deaf, for a miracle, for peace.  These Innocent lives would cost Humanity heavily, I thought to myself.

Grandma persuaded me to escape, if i could.  But I was incapable of leaving her,  This Old Lady gave all her life and pleasures for raising us, how could I leave her to die.

It was somewhat dark and as I peeped the silhouettes of the Gunmen were seen, They shouted their lungs out, unflappably muttering “Allahu Akbar”, I don’t really know what it means but I could sense the hatred in their screams.  They abused our country.

dying mom miss her son Last Words From A Mother Shot By Terrorist

A woman holds the hand of her mother who is dying from cancer during her final hours at a palliative care hospital in Winnipeg July 24, 2010. Picture taken July 24, 2010. REUTERS/Shaun Best (CANADA – Tags: HEALTH) – RTR2ID7P

As my eyes examined the murderous surrounding, they fell upon a girl of about 5, she cried incessantly, In front of her laid her father who was bleeding, struggling to breath, Her suffering pained me even more. She had none to help her.  I failed to refrain, wanting to embrace her, I tried to reach up to her.  In the process ,I got exposed to a gunman’s vision and this time I knew, I had fallen prey to his ill-will, there was no chance of an escape , he winked .
 I took a deep breath and  his bullets pierced my stomach and I was knocked down.

Today after about a week, I wake up amidst these machines, as I regain consciousness, those petrifying memories are haunting me.  I want to erase them for once and forever.  I feel much pain and tender.
Life seems to be abandoning me. I can see Death opening her wings to embrace me.
The Doctors are disappointed  they say it was a Terror Attack and some bullets have got stuck in my Spine, it has been severely damaged.  It pains horribly.

I have a few hours left.

ap paris shooting Last Words From A Mother Shot By Terrorist

Grandma has been saved by the security forces.  I wish to see you for one last time but  I know its not possible.

But mind you My Son – Never let any moment in your life make you weep over my loss because I died trying to save someone, I died for Humanity, it is the greatest of all religions.  I don’t want you to be ‘Revengeful‘, instead be ‘Fearless‘.  The world needs people like us – Peaceful but Fearless.  Life has its own virtues and vices my son.  Remember the Almighty is watching us all and our deeds.  My death is his plan.  He needs me more than you,I guess .
You have pure potential, My Love.  But I wont be alive to see where it takes to you.  Do use your potential for the service of our  Countrymen and Humanity.  God Is the Epitome of Justice.  Lastly,  take care of Grandma, she has no one now but you. 

I love you,Son.  Having you was a Boon.

With Love,
Your Mother.

By Disha Kandpal at her blog in indiaopines

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