5 of Mumbai blast convicts were penalized death sentence and 7, life term prision. Justice has finally showed up. Cheers!

Justice in India is lost somewhere below the mound of moth-eaten and dust-covered files. Files seeking justice do reach courts but never depart along with its counter-pair ‘justice’, exceptional few always exists though. It may throw a pall over your mind hearing, that the ball-park figure of pending cases all across our country is 3 crore.

Terrorist attacks had hit India since 1984 (Meenambakkam bomb blast) and persists till date, latest being Gurudaspur attack. Countless souls may still be hovering over the graveyard, yearning for the justice. But in India, politics, religion and indifference have been constant stumbling blocks between those, now dead, and ‘justice’.

2015 although had daubed new colours of hope on the hopeless paint of ‘justice’. Who in India didn’t find the 30th July morning as the most golden and hopeful day of the year? One of the convicts of 1993 Bombay bombings, Yakub Memon, was finally, 22 years later, hanged to death. Lot of controversies and arguments barged in between the noose and Yakub, but justice couldn’t hold in more of delay.

terrorists Late, But India Is Serving Justice To The Victims Of Terrorism

Accused in Mumbai 2006 train serial blast case Late, But India Is Serving Justice To The Victims Of Terrorism

mumbai train blast Late, But India Is Serving Justice To The Victims Of Terrorism

Once again, 2015 had paid justice to the victims of 2006 Mumbai serial blasts. Even the stillness of the graveyard, which bore the cremation of the blast’s 188 victims, must be cheering over the justice done to its companions. For, out of 14 convicts, the Supreme Court had awarded 5 convicts death sentence and 7, life term.

My chest puffs out in pride every time the Indian court does justice to those brothers and sisters who may not be there among us, but somewhere away, patient for their deserving-justice.

Not just me, many like me feel and express the same.


Justice, keep visiting the victims.

By Prerna Daga

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