How has the concept of violence and actions against humanity have evolved with time

Violence has many faces. And it exists as long as peace exists. It amuses one how terrorists evolved over time. Initially, there were terrorists – pure with hatred towards entire humanity, sadists to the core. They had no enemies in particular. Everyone and everything was their enemy. Dacoits with a higher level of sadism were examples.

First evolution came in the name of God and it had mutated continuously. Initially, this was in the form of sacrifices. Almost all religions preached and practised sacrifices – of animals & humans;except probably Jainism.

Then, there was state sponsored terror. No, I am not referring to the punishment awarded to people found guilty of crimes – whatever they may be. It was when the chieftain wanted to grab (not take) something from his subjects, from material possessions to women.

Then came a sort of principled terrorists. Fundamentally, terror was not their ball game. For a cause in which they believed in, they took up arms. These were the first batch of terrorists who had followers. They became revolutionary heroes for their sympathisers, but remained terrorists for their adversaries. Many a freedom fighters and revolutionaries fall in this category.

Terrorists Latest Evolution – Innocent Terrorists?

While sensing a business opportunity for their sadistic appetite, people started joining organisations that employ terror as their weapon, for any reason. These were in fact, those with the original terrorist DNA intact, even after many generations. They infiltrated many organisations, and reduced them to pure violent outfits that work against entire humanity.

In the never ending of these breeds, today, a new species has born. And Salman Khan was credited for this new breed, called – Innocent Terrorists. By the definition, those convicted for arranging passports, travel documents – in short entire logistics including explosives fall under the category of INNOCENT TERRORISTS. And punishing such innocent ones is a crime against humanity. And those drunk drivers who wantonly drove their luxury vehicles over poor footpath dwellers were probably rechristened – Saints. But, this would be coming in his tweets scheduled for August.

Meanwhile, let the hypocrisy rule the emotions of ordinary mortals. And, to those who lived, after losing their loving ones in the deadly bomb blasts, were being simply revengeful, if they demand Yakub Memon to be hanged and represent all that is negative in this society. Anyway, for the mobs that follow Bhai-jaan, killing few foot path dwellers and some black bucks was already compensated by his heroics on the screen.

Yakub Latest Evolution – Innocent Terrorists?

For those who don’t follow – there is the option to change their course and follow him. Yes, media will be helping them to straighten their thinking by circulating all colourful news about this Naadan Kalakar. He was simply being human, when he advocated against death to Yakub, who was the highly educated of his family, who did everything that he could, with full knowledge, unlike his less educated exiled and coward brother.

Violence has many faces. And it exists as long as peace exists.

By Rama Krishna Prasad

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