Exactly how Jodha and Jalal from different faiths, different backgrounds, and different views unite in love is yet to be seen in Jodha-Akbar

A tumultuous fortnight in the land of Agra, in the life’s of Mughals especially one particular Mughal Jalaluddin Mohammed. What began as a game of upmanship, a move to salvage a badly shaken ego, a desire to humiliate the Rajvanshi Princess blew up spectacularly turning it into a deadly life or death game sending Jodha to the brink of death, eventually ending in the discovery and acknowledgement of his feelings for Jodha, and humility that he too is a mere mortal and puppet in front of God’s will. The arduous expedition has begun for Jalal, a journey that will lead him from being Jalal, ‘The Heartless’ to Akbar, ‘The great’. Will the journey be quiet and uneventful or will there be attempts to sabotage it, opponents using this opportunity to connive and overthrow the young ruler? The vaulting ambitions of Sharifuddin and the deepening thirst for Power of Adham Khan is sure to set up many a hurdles nonetheless it is going to be interesting to see how the young illiterate ruler is going to deal with the plotting of his own inner circle, how he will overcome these forces and emerge triumphant.

Jodha Akbar Latest From Jodha Akbar   Love Blooms Between Jodha And Jalal

Home is a world within a world, the basic unit and a foundation which supports an entire society, a kingdom. A minor scratch or a rent can tear asunder the very fabric of domestic life, making life a living hell for the persons involved but when the tear happens in the Royal household the subsequent ripple effect can be felt by the whole kingdom. The Mughal household is being set for one such tearing, efficiently manipulated by cunning Maham Anga. Ruqaiyya who had been smug and complacent about her status in the Royal house has been reduced to a quivering insecure wreck. The growing closeness of Jodha Akbar has turned her into a jealous woman; the increasing influence of Jodha over Jalal has begun to threaten the coveted position of Begum-e –Has. Ruqaiyya fears losing her position, her eminence and her influence over Jalal. A woman who lives for power, who goes to any lengths to protect her turf can prove to be a big obstacle to the vision that Jalal has for his kingdom. Ruqaiyya may perceive such changes as a victory of Jodha (subtly goaded by Maham Anga) and an evidence of her own weakening hold over Jalal. Will Jalal be able to overcome the in-house resistance without any casualties? How will the wrath of Ruqaiyya impact the growing proximity of Jalal and Jodha? Will Ruqaiyya’s jealousy hinder and derail the budding relationship of Jodha and Jalal? Can the duo weather the storms that are set to drench them? The journey for these two souls has truly begun now and coming days will reveal whether their relationship was built on the edifice of Trust and Love or was it just a plain companionship with no trust as the binding agent.

The Much awaited introduction of another Ratan has been done this week, the introduction of Todarmal – one of the Navaratna of Akbar’s court was without much fan fare or hype. One was impressed by this calm, lucid, high thinking individual unlike the Tansen entry which completely boomeranged as the impression one got was that of an arrogant, bigoted man rather than an eccentric, passionate, talented man obsessed with music. Todarmal’s entry into the court of Jalal may cause further flutter among the settled gentry,and the religious zealots. It could be concluded as one more example of Jodha’s clout leading to alignment of Anti-Jodha camp which will try to induce a breach in Jalal- Jodha’s blooming relationship. The pronouncement of Salim Chishti does hint that the relationship of Jodha and Jalal will succumb to the pressures of meddling of the courtiers but at the same time Salim Chisti has made it very clear that Jodha is the one who will be true companion of Jalal, The woman who will give him heir, The woman who will stand by him through every thick and thin, through riches and rags.

Exactly how two diverse individuals from different faiths, different background, and different views will unite in love is yet to be seen BUT the journey has begun.

By Tanthya

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