Not law alone can curb down rapes. The cultural ambience of the society too is pivotal to not prompt rapes around.

Parmitha dubey has expressed her anger over the incident of child rape and she is very much justifiable. She has gone to the extent of selection of punishment to be given to the rapist. I agree to these as well. Unless there is a fear of punishment the offender and others will joyfully continue the crimes and that is what exactly happening in our country.

Police force is reluctant to arrest the culprit for the fear of intervention by some political leaders and as usual, justice is always delayed in all the cases of rapes or otherwise. These are the reasons the general public avoid our law enforcing dept. And also the judiciary, as money is involved. The complainant tends to become tired of visiting these places which becomes a punishment for him rather than the committer of the crime. At the same time one should also think of the reasons for such heinious acts from the dirty men.

The crimes, generally, are not done by members of the society.

marital rape Law And Culture Hand In Hand Can Stop Rapes

It is done by uneducated society and also a particular section of population. This section is also not educated.  Therefore, it is incumbent on the part of the administration to make education compulsory.

Our country is thickly populated and naturally there is no recreation facilities available for public. Sex is the cheapest recreation for every one.

Cinemas of present days stimulates the animosity in human beings. Most of the films depict crude, near nude, exihibition of women for the sight of which people throng to the hall. There will be tremendous objection if the censor board take a stern step against showing the curves and intricate parts in the film. People have become crazy on this point.

rape victim india Law And Culture Hand In Hand Can Stop Rapes

Drinking habits make men uncontrollable.

Living in one room does create sinners.

Religious lectures can help minimising this sin.

Role of parents and friends.

If these points can be followed such unwanted behaviours of men can be minimised, but only gradually.  We have inherited some bad practices for a length of time.


By Lakshmipathi


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