A Judge with no human brain is elevated as Supreme Court Judge. What’s wrong with the judiciary of India?

Is the law of the land Supreme or are the judges Supreme ?
law and order Is The Law Of The Land Supreme Or Are The Judges Supreme ?
I believe the judges are Supreme as they interpret the laws and the interpretation is twisted according to orders the judges have pre-decided to pass.
And at times, this reasoning and interpretation defies human intelligence, instance reproduced below
On 27/09/2012 division bench of Bombay High Court (collective intelligence of 2 judges ) passed order ” Indur K Chhugani filed WP no 2414/2005 with prayers solely based on order passed in his favour by the MPID court DTD 30/1/2006″ assuming Indur Chhugani was Nostradamus Reborn. The 2 Judges proceeded on this strange logic… And decided to firstly set aside order DTD 30/1/2006 to dismiss my WP of 2005.
Fact is – In October 2005 I filed WP No 2414/2005 giving facts how Bank Officers and I.O. had committed wrongs at MPID court in March/April 2005 resulting in false case of trespassing filed against me on 24/3/2005 and demanding action against them. AND the MPID court ( trial court) passed order in my favour on 30/01/2006 recording all the wrongs committed by Bank Officers and I.O. – So actually it was easy for HC to order action against them and withdraw the fake case of trespassing, filed against me . BUT instead the High Court went after me.
supreme court Is The Law Of The Land Supreme Or Are The Judges Supreme ?
Now … YOU may know law or not … Please comment if IT WAS POSSIBLE to file Writ Petition in 2005 by Indur K Chhugani or ANY HUMAN … based on order of 2006.
Collating all comments from You all … We can decide who is having human intelligence , you OR the 2 judges of the Bombay High Court .
Famous Judges who passed this order:
Justice Shri A R Joshi – Who set Salman Khan Free. … AND
Jusice Shri A M Khanwilkar – Appointed as Supreme Court Judge recently
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Will the judges be prosecuted ?
  • What if a family is driven to suicide on account of erroneous orders deliberately passed by the judges of the Bombay High court to help a brother judge rise to become a high court Judge on 18/10/2013.
  • There after on 19/10/2013 in celebration of this judge … Having become a high Court judge … Another judge passed order for forcible eviction of family from flat which was the only property this family possessed … Though no case is proved against any member of the family till today.
  • And it is already proved beyond doubt that on 24/03/2005 a fake case of trespassing was filed against the head of this family at the instance of the judge who was elevated as high Court judge on 18/10/2013.
  • Lawyers please let us have your views … Should Judges be allowed to escape the law of natural justice ?

Thakur crying Is The Law Of The Land Supreme Or Are The Judges Supreme ?

Dates.Events of Case from 2004 to 2016 – easy to understand my case – How wrong orders passed by Bombay High Court have made me Homeless at age 68
By Indur  Chhugani
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